The Flash Producer Sets The Record Straight On Ezra Miller And False Production Reports

Flash showrunner Barbara Muschietti goes behind-the-scenes about The Flash between Warner Bros. Discovery and Ezra Miller. The answer, however, might surprise viewers who follow the drama and uncertainty of filmmaking closely.

Rumors and allegations of assault and trespassing followed Miller. However, setting aside the details of these events and public perception, Miller cited their struggles with mental health as the source of the problem. The Flash actor met with Warner Bros. Discovery executives DeLuca and Pam Abdi on the same day as Batgirl’s final screening to “apologize for bringing negative attention to the production and the company.” During this meeting, the actor learned that Warner Bros. was considering canceling The Flash entirely.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to director and producer Muschietti’s siblings and asked if there was “reasonable concern” about Warner Bros. Discovery canceling The Flash because of Miller. Barbara replied: “Not at all. No, that was never true.” Andy added that they were in touch with Ezra, saying they were “good for people who need help, especially with mental health issues.” , with a lot of universal sympathy. Andy added, “That’s why they’re taking the necessary steps to deal with their recovery, and we support them in that.” “Miller only had three days off to film The Flash, which may have been a factor in their behavior during the film’s post-production period.

The  Flash  Movie  Poster While this is pure speculation, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Warner Bros. found out that the company was considering canceling the film only to cover their own interests by not condoning Miller’s actions and making that information public. However, this may not be the same threat that is actually on the table, such as what happened to Batgirl. That said, it could also be that The Flash’s producers are covering up the film’s interest by describing past events as something that hasn’t actually been considered. This isn’t the first, second, or even third time Warner Bros. has run afoul of its DC directors (examples include Suicide Squad director David Ayer). However, it may be in both parties’ interests to have Miller in the spotlight now, ahead of The Flash’s worldwide release, as it could be their chance to express the importance of mental health and tie it to Barry Allen’s journey in The Flash.

While Miller was conspicuously absent from the film’s marketing campaign, according to Andy Musquitty, Miller may still be recovering, so they may not be able to participate in the film’s promotional campaign. Miller’s future as The Flash is shaky on the Warner Bros. Discovery Channel, but at least personally, the Flash director has said he won’t be recasting Miller for a possible sequel.

The Flash opens in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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