The Elder Scrolls 6 Job Listing Hints At Multiplayer

Those waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 may be looking forward to the kind of epic single-player experience the series is famous for, but recent job postings suggest that the elusive installment may also implement multiplayer assets. Over the decades, Bethesda has developed and published a large number of games, many of which have achieved great success in the AAA market. While titles like Skyrim and Fallout are generally well-known offerings from the company, it’s hard to play mainstream releases without the developer’s stamp these days.

However, when it comes to the next entry in Bethesda’s long-running epic fantasy RPG series, there’s still no word on when The Elder Scrolls 6 is coming out. Fans have been waiting for it for years, ever since the teaser trailer was shown at E3 2018. It’s been 5 years since then, and no one outside the studio and publisher knows when it will be released. Meanwhile, the rumor mill continues.

A job listing at Zenimax suggests that The Elder Scrolls 6 may have a multiplayer mode, and is currently hiring for several positions, including assistant level designer. When looking at the job page, one of the requirements for potential candidates is that they must have knowledge of “3D game spaces and environmental storytelling”, as well as experience with “The Elder Scrolls Construction Set”. Most interestingly, however, the role requires applicants to also be very familiar with “various open-world multiplayer games.”

Fan  Completes  Lengthy  Military  Contract  While  Waiting  for  The  Elder  Scrolls  6 Looking at this, it does suggest that TES6 may have some multiplayer aspects. Of course, whether this is true is impossible to verify. While all mainline entries in the series are usually single-player games, Elder Scrolls Online was developed specifically for online play. However, that’s not to say Bethesda won’t allow certain multiplayer features, but it’s just one of many Elder Scrolls 6 rumors that have popped up over the years. In essence, readers are advised to take this information with a grain of salt.

For now, fans will have to wait until the developer or publisher makes an official announcement. With Starfield set to launch in September, many were hoping Bethesda would provide more details about TES6, but it looks like the long-awaited Skyrim follow-up might be a long way off.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development.

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