The Disney Dreamlight Valley Community Wants One Pretty Item to Be Added Next

A Disney Dreamers player recently shared which items they’d like to see added to the title. Many sandbox games give players tons of tools and options to build however they want. Games like Minecraft and Disney Dreamlight Valley offer a good sense of freedom to let the imagination run wild.

While Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of items for players to use to personalize their avatars and towns, there are still a few items that hope to be added to the game. These include a variety of clothing and plants for players to use when customizing their gameplay, helping to ensure that no two players have the same experience playing the life sim.

A Redditor named karlbarxalot posted a post asking the developers of Disney Fantasy Valley to add a specific item to the title. The user stated that they would like to insert cherry blossoms into the game to beautify their lawns and squares. Players indicated that this item should be added since it is currently the season for plants. It’s a simple plea from fans of Disney’s Dream Valley of Lights, but one that’s likely to be widely welcomed.

There are a few other Redditors who agree with karlbarxalot and would like to see cherry blossoms in Gameloft’s games. One user stated that if flowers were added to the game, then they would like Mulan to appear in the game as well. It has been suggested that Sakura could be unlocked through one of the character’s friendship levels in Disney’s Dream Valley. Another user mentioned that if Big Hero 6 was added to the game, these trees could be added to the game, since they also appear in that animated movie. It would be great if this flower made it into the game, especially since many creative players will be able to make good use of them in their towns.

Cherry blossoms are just one of the features gamers can hope to see in Disney Dream Valley. While the title already offers gamers a lot of options when it comes to customizing their gameplay, there’s always something that can be added. Hopefully Gameloft will listen to fans as they express what they want to see in life sims, and be able to include a variety of items and mechanics in the game.

Disney’s Valley of Lights is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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