The Boys Jokingly Hints At Cameo By A Famous TV Lawyer

Given the potential criminal case that appears to involve Homelander as a defendant in The Boys, the official social media account ironically cited everyone’s favorite TV attorney, Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman, as possibly in court.

The boys recommend Homelander to Goodman because he can defend actions that could land him in legal trouble. This could indicate the amount of hot water Homelander is in, knowing not only what he did but how many people saw it, and his need to hire a “criminal lawyer” like Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman.

On the boys’ twitter account, they tweeted a photo of Goodman with the caption, “Homelander better call him.” They then responded to their tweet saying, “Saul hi Yeah, I heard Vought was called a good guy on behalf of c***.” Both Better Call Saul and Saul Goodman’s official Twitter account responded with GIFs of Goodman, suggesting he was up to the task. That is, if he existed in the same universe as the boys.

This seems to be another hint that Homelander will face legal consequences for his actions at the end of The Boys season 3. While his diehard fans were credited with killing a Starlight fan who threw something at his son Ryan at a rally, he didn’t hesitate to kill an innocent bystander in broad daylight. Not surprisingly, what he did had legal consequences, as he brutally murdered a man in front of an unknown number of witnesses. The bigger picture, however, is that Homelander might start to care less, now that he knows he can kill whoever he wants and not have to worry about it.

It would be awesome to see Saul Goodman cross into this universe, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul is a realism-based universe (strictly speaking), which means it wouldn’t make sense for them to travel across a world full of superhero celebrities. Still, if he does, it’ll be interesting to see how well ol’ Slippin’ Jimmy is able to bypass the legal fallout to help Homelander beat the rap guy. Come to think of it, Saul Goodman might be the perfect lawyer for Vought, since he knows how much he likes to bend the law to benefit his clients.

The tweet also suggests that any problems with DHS are very bad. Even if Saul Goodman’s reference is a joke, it seems to imply that cases against mentally ill patients can be opened and closed. But it doesn’t matter, he is the strongest existence in the universe, so what if he is found guilty? The Boys Season 4 can comment on how easy it is for celebrities to usually get away with when it comes to legal trouble. Let’s see how they handle Homelander’s upcoming legal case.

The Boys seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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