Tekken 8 Confirms the Return of Two Fan-Favorite Fighters

Tekken 8 confirms the return of two fan-favorite characters from the franchise, both in new stylish looks. The characters were announced after Bandai Namco showcased every fighter previously featured in the Tekken 8 story and gameplay trailer at The Game Awards 2022. These new characters game trailers reveal more of the launch roster, returning or brand new.

The return of Tekken 8 doesn’t stop with familiar faces like Paul Phoenix, Jack-8 and even the wrestling luchador King, and the first of these new trailers focuses on Ling Xiaoyu. The character first appeared in Tekken 3, where she became one of the series’ regulars along with her close friend and potential love, Jin Kazama. Bandai Namco has revealed two more returning characters, one of which is another regular, while the other is a relatively new character from Tekken 7.

The first of these returning characters is stylish African-American Wing Chun master Leroy Smith. He’s such a fan favorite that even rapper T-Pain played Leroy Smith before he joined Tekken 7 as a DLC fighter. Tekken 8 dubbed him “The Drip Master” and spared no expense in his flashy moves, and it’s even been said that he did more in this fight than he did in the last one. Special praise not only for his incredible costumes, but also for his furious art, into which he incorporates the famous “one-inch punch” technique.

Another returning character is Asuka Kazama, a character first introduced in Tekken 5 as Jin Kazama’s cousin. While she debuted as an important character that might address Jin’s demon genes and Mishima ancestry, her popularity waned as the game progressed. Like her predecessor Jun Kazama, she uses the same martial arts style that her family members practice. This is evident from the number of shared actions between the three Kazamas. With Jun Kazama returning to the playable roster after a decade, it marks the first time three well-known members of the Kazama bloodline have appeared on the roster for a mainline Tekken game.

All three of Kazama’s family members are present, with some hoping that Jun and Asuka will not only be there for fan service, but also in relation to the game’s story mode. Given the dysfunctional Tekken family relationship, and a game that touts a fateful confrontation between father and son, the presence of Asuka and Jun is the perfect opportunity to explore their relationship with Jin Kazuya before the final battle.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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