Tails of Iron: How to Heal

The enemies in Iron Tail are absolutely vicious and won’t hesitate to kill the player given the chance. Players who want to avoid dying at the hands of bloodthirsty frogs need to know how to heal, a seemingly basic task that surprisingly little is shared in the game’s tutorial section. For those wondering what concoction might heal the Rat King from hordes of evil frogs and other enemies, here’s a simple and delicious bug juice.

Healing is an important part of any action role-playing game, but in a game that describes its combat as “soul-like”, healing is even more important. Iron Tail players need to understand not only how to heal, but also how to get more bug juice and when it’s best to use it.

How to Use Bug Juice for Iron Tail

tails  of  iron  how  to  drink  bug  juice To use Bug Juice, the player simply needs to hold down L1. Redgi will start drinking juice, and his health will gradually regenerate the longer the player holds the button down. However, this also depletes the sphere in the upper left corner of the screen. It’s worth noting that this can take a long time, especially if the player is in critical condition.

Of course, the process feels like it will take longer when the player is surrounded by hordes of enemies or facing powerful bosses. With this in mind, players should make sure to keep distance between enemies and Redgi, and be prepared to interrupt the healing process if needed to dodge, block, or parry incoming attacks.

How to get more bug juice in Iron Tail

tails  of  iron  how  to  get  more  bug  juice The main way to get more Bug Juice in Tails of Iron is to find Supply Stations. During the tutorial, players will first encounter one of these in Crimson Castle, but they’re scattered throughout various areas of the game. Players can approach one of these and hold Square to refill the sphere in the upper left corner of the screen and earn more Bug Juice for use in boss fights or tough encounters. Alternatively, killing bugs and pressing Square to harvest juice is another way to fill this gauge.

Usually, it’s best to heal with Bug Juice when the player’s health reaches criticality, and when this happens the entire screen will turn black and white, which should be easy to notice. There’s usually no point trying to save any healing for the boss, as most bosses have a refill station conveniently placed behind them. Players are also fully capable of backtracking to a nearby supply depot if they run out of Bug Juice during their adventure.

Iron Tail is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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