Super Mario Bros. Wonder is Already a Big Success and It's Not Even Out Yet


Super Mario Bros. Miracle has generated a lot of buzz and is currently ranked No. 1 for physical pre-orders on Amazon, thanks in large part to its recent Nintendo Direct. The game was well received for its improved art style, new power-ups, enemies and features such as badges and online multiplayer. Fans are excited about a new experience in 2D Mario games. Content creator Stealth and its fans have expressed great excitement for Super Mario Bros. Miracle, with some deciding to pre-order it despite initial hesitation. The game is expected to be Nintendo’s top seller. Gamer Daily Scroll Video Continues Super Mario Bros. Miracle is still a long way from being released to the public, and it’s already showing signs of being a hit. In fact, Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct really helped with the hype.

First released in June 2023, Super Mario Bros. Marvel was immediately well-received by fans for a number of reasons. With an improved art style, a slew of clever new abilities and enemies, up to a dozen playable characters, and several brand new features like badges and a unique online multiplayer setup, it’s truly set to become one of the most talked about games out there. One – About the game of the year. It also helps that Wonder is the first original 2D Mario game since 2013’s New Super Luigi U, and it revolutionized the sub-series the game is a part of, which many fans felt after five games Subseries is obsolete.

According to Stealth, a relatively well-known content creator and Nintendo collector, Super Mario Bros. Miracle is currently ranked No. 1 for physical pre-orders on Amazon. Stealth pointed to the recent Nintendo Direct as the culprit behind this, saying he knew several people who initially chose to skip the game until they learned more. Overall, he claims, he’s more excited about the game than any previous 2D Mario game. In fact, it’s the first time he’s noticed the hype for such games since his childhood, when 2D platformers were in their heyday. Stealth concluded that it was “really special” to see a new Mario game compete with a new Sonic game in the same week.

Stealth fans expressed similar feelings about Super Mario Bros. Miracle in the comments, with some deciding to pre-order it after initial hesitation, while others said they were incredibly eager for the game’s launch. Stealth replied to one commenter, stating that he himself is usually only so excited about 3D Mario games and plumber RPG spin-offs. Some other users noted the $60 price tag and lack of known pre-order bonuses, but that didn’t seem to dampen enjoyment of the upcoming game.

All in all, if these pre-release sales are any indication, Super Mario Bros. Miracle is expected to be a best-seller in what’s already going to be a huge year for Nintendo. Coupled with works such as “The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom”, “Pikmin 4” and the billion-dollar box office “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, Nintendo expressed its hope to make 2023 a new 2017. This is obviously not a bluff.

Super Mario Bros. Marvel debuts on Nintendo Switch on October 20.