Sun Haven: How to Use Fishing Nets

Fishing is almost always present in many cozy life sims, and Sun Haven happens to have the same mechanic. Getting involved with all kinds of aquatic life is a joy in itself, but not everyone finds it as fun as everyone else. Still, the calm waters are rich and have a lot to offer, even for those who don’t want to spend too much time in them.

This is where fishing nets come in. These handy tools allow players to passively collect fish and other random loot that may be underwater. However, there is some confusion about how to use these tools in Sun Haven, so here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

How to use fishnets in Sun Haven

The  inventory  of  Peter's  Fishing  Store  in  Sun  Haven Small and Large Fishing Nets can be purchased from Peter’s Fishing Tackle Shop at the Docks, or crafted at the Loom, and they can only be placed in very specific locations within the Sun Haven Farm. They cannot be used in the ocean or any other body of water anywhere else in the world, not even on Nel’Vari farms. Players who want to collect fish from these external sources will have to do it manually by grabbing a fishing rod and playing mini-games until they get what they need.

To use a Fishing Net at Sun Haven, simply approach the pond on the west side of the farm and drop the Net like any other piece of furniture. Over time, they’ll catch fish, as indicated by the progress meter to their right. This will usually be done within a day, so make sure to place the net early and check it the next day. Players who want to activate multiple fishing nets at the same time will need to purchase a Fishing License from Peter’s Shop. They are divided into three different tiers, with the last tier allowing players to activate up to six nets at the same time.

Small nets have a chance of catching random junk like old boots, tin cans, and sand dollars instead of fish. Big nets have a better chance of actually cashing in the fish, but their progress bars take more time to fill up.

As of Sun Haven 1.03, Fishing Nets are best seen as a passive income source alongside farming. It’s best to leave the players alone while they’re out doing other things.

Sun Haven is out now on PC. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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