Sun Haven: How to Rotate Furniture

Spring has sprung up, and with it comes a slew of cozy farming sims. This season’s latest offering, Sun Haven, follows in the footsteps of games like the Rune Factory series and Harvestella, combining down-to-earth life simulations with highly fantasy settings.

The game has the expected feature suite : farming system, combat, lots of romance and accompanying NPCs, and of course, players can build and customize their own farms and homes.

However, new players keep running into a hiccup when it comes to customizing their living spaces. They weren’t sure how to rotate the furniture.

How to rotate furniture in Sun Haven

Sun  Haven  Building  The  Farm There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that rotating objects in Sun Haven is relatively simple. Before the player puts down a piece of furniture, they can rotate it by pressing “R”.

If they’ve already placed an item and want to relocate it, the player must hit it with their pickaxe to put it back in their inventory. From there, they can place it again, this time in the correct direction.

The bad news is that this is not a universal trait. Only some furniture, such as chairs, can be rotated, while others, such as the player’s starting bed and rugs, cannot. They have to try each type of item to see what the game allows them to spin.

It’s understandable why the game is the way it is. Sun Haven has sprite based art, rotating an object means drawing a new sprite for each angle. It’s small, but this kind of work can add up quickly, especially for a small team that’s already rolling out high-detail sprites and animations.

However, given that this feature is available in other sprite-based games, players can hope that Pixel Sprout Games will update this feature in a future patch. It’s a minor feature that doesn’t spoil the whole experience, though, while Sun Haven offers a host of other activities.

Sun Haven is available now for PC, with a planned Switch Port release date TBD.

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