Sun Haven: How To Make Money Fast

Making money is a key aspect of any comfortable life sim, and Sun Haven is no exception. Magic and monsters may be everywhere in this game, but that doesn’t mean coins are easier to come by. Players will have to work quite a bit if they want to earn the cash needed for upgrades and items.

Like many other games in this genre, Sun Haven’s moneymaking started off relatively slowly. There isn’t much work for players to do once they start, but thankfully, there’s plenty of worthwhile work to put them on the right track to their dream farm.

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It’s impossible to become an overnight millionaire in this game, but with the right tricks, players can rack up as much cash as they want in just a few hours of gameplay,

How to Make Money in Sunny Paradise

sun  haven  farm Growing and selling crops is an easy way to make money, but it often takes players a lot of game time to profit from it. With this in mind, farming is not about speed, but about efficiency. That means choosing the right crops to plant and doing other things in the background while the vegetables grow. Below are some cost-effective crops and their default buy and sell values (note that crops may produce more than one vegetable per harvest) :

Wheat (Buy : 40, Sell : 55) Potatoes (Buy : 100, Sell : 85) Ghost Peppers (Buy : 180, Sell : 300) Tomatoes (Buy : 80, Sell : 115) Corn (Buy : 80, Sell : Grapes (Buy : 180, Sell : 300) 60, Sell: 75) Players can directly sell their crops for quick money, but those who want to get as many coins as possible Might want to cook first. Dishes sell for much more than raw materials, so consider spending extra time preparing meals before selling your homegrown produce. Also, always keep some spare change on hand in order to buy more seeds from the store.

Eventually, players will want to buy a barn and some farm animals. Care for cows, chickens, sheep, and other kinds of livestock to earn items like milk, eggs, and wool. Like vegetables, these can also be cooked or made into premium items, which sell for more.

Make sure to invest your points in skills that increase the value of your food, such as Tiller’s Tip and Culinary Master. When players have access to more exotic seeds and animals, their bonuses will become more tangible later in the game.

other ways to make money

Sun-Haven-How-To-Fish-001 Farming isn’t the only way of life at Sun Haven. For those who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, there are a few other ways to make some quick bucks around town.

Mining allows players to earn a lot of money every day. Ore, stones, and gems can all be sold through the shipping portal for a quick infusion of cash. Obtaining enough materials to make each mining trip worthwhile requires spending the majority of an in-game day at Sun Haven Mines, meaning players don’t have enough time to do anything else. Keep your weapons handy as you go deeper into the lower levels, as monsters will eventually start spawning.

Another option for mining is fishing. Players can visit the pier in the south of the town and start fishing for various marine life. Common creatures like crabs, guppies, and barracudas sell for very low prices, but rarer fish can be worth hundreds or thousands of coins each.

Players looking for a little more excitement can venture out to nearby areas. Fight monsters, hunt for treasure, collect materials, and sell them all to make a profit. Don’t forget to check the bulletin board next to the grocery store for some tasks that might be easy to do.

All of these activities require a considerable investment of time, as Sun Haven uses an RPG-style leveling system. The more skills a player unlocks, the better they are at that particular aspect of the game. Having said that, focus on improving farming as well as the skill tree of another option to maximize efficiency.

Sun Haven is available on PC.

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