Sun Haven: How to Get Feathers

There are tons of different materials available in Sun Haven, and the game lets players discover most of them on their own. Crafting the most basic gear typically uses common resources, while more exotic item choices often require special ingredients that are harder to find.

That’s the case with Feathers, a seemingly rare Sun Haven material used to make Aerodynamic Armor, a set of protective gear that looks and sounds more suited to a fantasy RPG than a comfortable life sim. The set is great for anyone planning an advanced adventure, but obtaining the required materials will require players to invest some extra time and resources on their farms.

Where to Buy Feathers at Sun Haven

Baby  griffons  inside  a  barn  in  Sun  Haven As of Sun Haven version 1.03, baby griffins are the only source of feathers in the game, they are not random monsters that players can randomly encounter when exploring the wilderness. These critters are actually considered farm animals, which means players must care for them like any other livestock.

To obtain the baby griffin, players need to reach their hidden elven city of Nervari west of Sunport Farm. The path to it is relatively simple, but the passage to the Elven Forest is locked after the story progresses. The player should continue with the quest, and eventually, the Sun Dragon Elios will ask the player to visit Nel’Vari. This one involves a chain of tasks, so they should be patient and keep going.

Where  to  buy  baby  griffons  in  Sun  Haven Once players reach Nel’Vari, they should head north and look for Fonzo near the mount shop. To the left of his stall are animal enclosures, one of which sells baby griffins for 100 mana orbs, easily obtained by chopping glowing trees or cutting weeds. The purchased griffin can then be placed in the barn with other animals. Once done, players can check in at least once a day to collect a feather or two.

Baby Gryphons need to eat to survive and stay happy, so players may want to consider purchasing some additional feeding stations and automatic feeders. The latter is especially useful because it frees up a lot of time for other Sun Haven activities.

Sun Haven is now available for PC. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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