Sun Haven: How to Get Blue Rose Bouquets

Players can gift a plethora of gifts to the residents of Sun Haven, but nothing beats the charm of a bouquet of blue roses. Pretty looks aside, this bouquet is adored by most would-be romantic partners in the game and makes a great gift when you’re chasing someone.

Blue Rose Bouquets are fairly easy to craft, but the player cannot craft any of them until they have the recipe. Thankfully, this won’t involve fighting any formidable bosses, but players will still have to do some gardening and some legwork.

How to Get the Blue Rose Bouquet Recipe

Empty  museum  display  pedestals  in  Sun  Haven In order to obtain the recipe, the player needs to collect all the items needed to complete the flower pack located in the Cultural Hall of the Sun Haven Museum. This bundle requires one of 11 different flowers to be donated to the museum. This is all the plants needed :

Daisy Red Rose Blue Rose Orchid Tulip Lavender Lily Lotus Hibiscus Honey Flower Sunflower Seeds for all these flowers can be bought from the Farming Store right by the east farm exit. Each flower takes four days to grow and can be planted in any season. Buy at least one of each seed and plant them somewhere on the farm, then feel free to do some other activities in town while you wait.

Afterwards, interact with the bouquet again to harvest all the flowers and donate them to the museum. Once the player talks to Museum Curator Covington, doing so will reward the player with the Blue Rose Bouquet recipe.

How to Make a Blue Rose Bouquet at Sun Haven

Growing  Blue  Roses  in  Sun  Haven Once the recipe is obtained, players will be able to make all the bouquets they want through the Farm Table. The recipe requires 12 Blue Roses and 75 Mana. Just buy more Blue Rose Seeds or use the Flower Farm skill in the Agriculture Tree to get free seeds every Friday in Sunport.

Players looking to earn some extra income while growing flowers of any kind may wish to keep a beehive on hand. Place it among the flowers and let the bees do their work. They produce jarred nectar that can be sold, used in cooking, or eaten to restore health and mana.

Sun Haven is now available on PC. A Nintendo Switch version is coming soon.

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