Sun Haven: How to Beat Krusty

For the most part, farm life at Sun Haven is quiet and comfortable, but every now and then there are hiccups that make the tranquility feel out of place. One of these potential problems is Krusty, a large, sentient rock that will snuggle up on the player’s farm at the start of the game. The appearance of this monster may seem problematic at first glance, but it is not that difficult to deal with.

While it exudes the same terrifying energy as the other boss monsters in Sun Haven, all Krusty does is rain down the farm with brittle rocks, with a small chance of spawning copper and gold. This is more annoying than profitable, and if the boss is left alone, the entire farm can end up being too messy, forcing players to spend valuable time cleaning up Krusty’s mess. Fortunately, with a little effort, the boss can be driven out of the premises.

How to beat Krusty at Sun Haven

Chipping  away  at  Krusty  in  Sun  Haven There are no mini-games or complicated mechanics while taking care of Krusty at Sun Haven. Once it appears on the farm on the 15th day of Spring, players can immediately pick up their pickaxe and start hacking away the monster’s health. The problem here is that Krusty has 10,000 HP, and reducing all HP to zero means spending days in the game banging angry boulders. Equipping some decent items is recommended, but entirely optional.

To speed up the process, players can complete the Blade Mate and Pick Mate quests by talking to Nathaniel and Lynn in town. The former is usually at the barracks in the morning, while the latter spends most of the day at Sauron’s smithy. Help them with errands and they’ll be happy to help with Krusty’s problems. Nathaniel and Lynn will drain the boss’s HP in the background while the players go about their business, but the two of them alone won’t be enough to make the monster disappear.

If players want Krusty to leave, they need to pay. Once its HP reaches zero, the boss will drop several rewards, including the Pebble pet. Krusty will automatically leave the farm by day 20, no matter how much health it has left. If it does disappear on its own, the player will not be able to claim any rewards it dropped.

Sun Haven is now available on PC. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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