Summoners War: Chronicles – How To Combine Gems

Summoners War: Chronicles continues to collect various monsters and make them fight with players for more powerful series. Free-to-play gacha games have become hugely popular on mobile, but this latest entry is also available on PC for the first time.

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There are several ways to become stronger in Summoners War: Chronicles, one of which involves gems. While gems aren’t given to the player at the start of the game, they do help boost certain stats if used properly. Gems can even be combined to create more powerful gems and upgrade the player’s Summoner character in situations where it would normally be difficult to upgrade. This guide will show players where and how to combine gems to get ahead in the game.

How to get gems and what they do

summoners  war  chronicles  gem  crafting Gems provide perks, such as increased health points or other stats, and can be attached to weapons and equipment. Weapons can upgrade themselves through different levels, similar to other MMORPG games, but gems provide more rewards besides upgrades.

Although, equipping a gem requires a weapon that contains a gem slot. Not every weapon will have a socket, but the deeper the player is in the game, the easier it is to drop. Gem slots are also color-coded, so not every gem can be used on the appropriate weapon.

Gems can be crafted at a crafting table in any village by combining three of the same mineral (such as opal or zircon) and paying a small amount of gold. Minerals can be found around land through farming. These gems can also be combined into crafted gems of varying rarity, but this requires an alchemy table also located in any village.

how to combine gems

summoners  war  chronicles  handworker Combining gems is a fairly simple process, but there are some requirements before players can start crafting. While players can attach gems to weapons themselves, specific merchants are required to combine or remove gems from weapons. The special trader is called Henry the Handworker and can be found in any village in the game at : Ayah, Casslan, Flurence, Rudelin, Rukurangma, and Tesca.

Once in the village, select the Handworker option from the top left list and the map will usually automatically go to Henry. He can help the player remove gems from weapons if the player has completed the Act 4, Chapter 6 Snow Mountain quest, and can combine gems after completing the Act 5, Chapter 26 Gathering quest. Players would probably need some of the best monsters in the game to progress that fast.

Selecting Combine Gems will take the player to a menu listing all available gems in their inventory and the three slots in which to place them. Choose three gems of the same level, and the center symbol will give the combination’s success rate. Select the Merge button to complete the transaction. Combinations require a certain amount of gold to pass, but are shown when choosing gems.

Summoners War: Chronicles is now available on Android, iOS and PC.

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