Summoners War: Chronicles – How To Change Monsters

Free-to-play action MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles is the latest entry in the series, which originated on mobile devices but has now made the jump to PC, allowing players to play on a larger screen. Despite the move to bigger hardware, the game remains addictive with its collectathon draw mechanics, colorful graphics, and massive battles.

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The ability to change monsters is crucial in Summoners War: Chronicles, as players need to move monsters in and out based on enemies. Each area has enemies of different types of elements, such as fire, wind, and water. This means it’s the player’s responsibility to have their best team support and help their starting characters in battle, especially in dungeons where failure means having to try again. This guide will help players alter the monsters on their team both in and out of combat.

how to change monster

summoners  war: chronicles  monster  menu To replace a monster, the player must first tap or tap the menu button during the game. The menu icon is represented by four white squares, which are themselves a square, located in the upper right corner of the screen. On the right side of the screen, select the monster icon. The monsters menu allows players to view their roster of monsters, apply EXP potions to level up, upgrade skills, evolve or awaken them.

Under Info, select the Composition option from the list to the right of the monster. Alternatively, players can skip these menus during gameplay by selecting the white paper icon next to the starting character’s face and health bar.

summoners  war: chronicles  change  monsters The entire roster of available monsters will be displayed along with the three slots already occupied by the currently equipped monster. The list can be sorted by various filters to quickly get to the best monsters. Select the avatars of the equipped monsters to remove individually, then choose a monster from the list to replace them.

Tap or click the OK button at the bottom of the screen to confirm replacing the monster. Swapping monsters during combat will cost mana to replace them, and the amount required to make the switch will be displayed in the OK button next to the player’s current mana bar, as it is auto-battle. Swapping monsters out of combat doesn’t require any mana, so it’s best to make any changes beforehand, or move out of combat to switch when absolutely necessary.

Summoners War: Chronicles is now available on Android, iOS and PC.

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