Streamer Beats Elden Ring Using Her Mind

A streamer is only using part of her mind to control the Elden Ring. This is the first time innovative neural techniques have been used to beat this notoriously difficult game using this approach, and it opens up a world of possibilities for future play of challenging games like Elden Ring and others like it.

Elden Ring is not a game to be taken lightly. Many gamers have a hard time beating it even with all the conventional tools at their disposal, which makes the game a lot more impressive when it’s beaten by someone who, knowingly or not, is fighting in some sort of challenging situation. Since the game’s release, many players have used strange tricks to beat the game without scrolling, or even Elden Ring without attacking. The latest victory over the Elden Beast was as much a feat of technology as willpower and thought.

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Streamer PerriKaryal recently defeated the Elden Ring using partial control of her brain. This is achieved through EEG, a method of recording brain activity using sensors attached to the scalp. PerriKaryal has a device that associates various types of brain activity with different keybindings, allowing her to attack, cast spells, heal, and dodge, among other things, in the game. It’s too crude for complex movement, though, so in the clip where Perri kills the Elden Beast in this way, the controller is used purely for camera and on-foot controls. Players have beaten Elden Ring in the past without walking, though, so maybe she can try in the future.

Elden Ring players accuse cheating, various onlookers can’t believe Perri can actually beat such a difficult game with this technique, but she goes into detail about the technique and the amount of time it took to get it to work in a certain way and it’s pretty obvious is the real deal. She also has a background in psychology research, which is how she first got her hands on the impressive gadgets she uses on stream.

Of all the ways Tarnished have controlled The Lands Between in the past, this has got to be one of the most interesting. For many, this achievement places PerriKaryal alongside Elden Ring legends like LetMeSoloHer and others who pushed the game, and themselves, to its limits. She said on her Twitter that she’s already working on her next project and it’s exciting to see what else she brings to try and beat with her mind.

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