Stray Is Getting An Animated Movie Adaptation


Stray is an award-winning video game that is being adapted into an animated film due to its engaging story and popularity. Annapurna Animation, the production company behind the Netflix series “Nimona,” plans to adapt video games, starting with “Stray,” a cat and robot buddy comedy. While Stray isn’t a big franchise like Mario or Sonic, its narrative-focused gameplay makes it a perfect fit for an adaptation, and fans should be excited. DAYSCROLL’s Gamer Video Continues An animated adaptation of the award-winning video game Stray is in active development one year after its release. In Stray, players take on the role of a stray cat lost in an underground city dominated by robots and mutated bacteria.

The game won Best Indie Game and Best Debut Indie Game at The Game Awards, and was nominated for four other awards, including Game of the Year. For a game where you play as a stray cat, it has a pretty compelling story, which would make sense for a film or TV adaptation.

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Entertainment Weekly first announced that Annapurna Animation, the production company behind the Netflix series Nimona, is looking to capitalize on its recent success with a new installment. Part of the plan is to adapt a project from its video game arm Annapurna Interactive. The first video game adaptation the studio plans to produce is Stray. The studio hasn’t revealed which other games they plan to adapt, but studio execs Robert Baird and Andrew Milstein explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that they chose Outcast as their first adaptation, because “it’s very popular”

Stray  robot  petting  cat During the interview, Baird and Milstein also explained the focus of the film and the challenges faced during production. “It’s a bro comedy about cats and robots, and it’s full of hilarious dynamics. So, there’s comedy in it, but there’s not a single person in the movie. I think that’s why the game is so popular. One,” Baird continued, “you see the world through the eyes of a cute cat. How do they achieve that, and how are we going to achieve that in the movie? We do, though sometimes It feels impossible”

Wanderlust seems like an oddly perfect choice for an animated film adaptation. At first glance, this may seem odd, since it’s not like a big franchise like Mario or Sonic where you have to wait years for a good adaptation. While you’ll have trouble recapturing the charm of Outcast, the game is still heavily based on narrative rather than gameplay, making it an excellent choice for an adaptation.

Fans of Stray should be very excited about the film adaptation, and fans of other Annapurna Interactive games should keep an eye out for future announcements regarding film adaptations.

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