Stranded Deep: How to Build a Tower

Stranded Deep drops players on a deserted island with few to no resources. However, for true survivors, it doesn’t take that much time to not only collect the essentials, but go ahead and build your own shelter, base, and even your own tower.

The last thing, the tower, isn’t easy to build, though. It is a resource-consuming building whose use is controversial. Regardless, players who want to see beyond the horizon can do so by building a tower in Stranded Deep.

How to Build a Tower in Stranded Deep

image  showing  how  to  build  a  tower  in  stranded  deep. Building a tower in Stranded Deep is very simple with the right approach. Players just need to create a Tower Foundation on a flat surface, then add a Tower Floor on top of it. To decorate the building, they can go to the top and build a flagpole near the edge.

Here is the step by step guide :

Build the tower base with 3 planks, 8 sticks and 4 ropes. Once you’ve collected the 8 sticks, 4 straps, and 6 planks, attach the tower floor to it. Make a flagpole using 4 sticks, 2 ties, and 1 tarp. and place it on top of the tower. In total, players need 54 sticks, 10 ropes, 9 planks, and 1 tarp to build a functional tower. Since the recipe comes with a ladder, there is no need to build additional wooden stairs. The structure is ready to use after assembly.

Tower recipes may not appear in the quick crafting menu. When accessing it for the first time, players should open the crafting menu and go to the tower section marked with the castle icon.

How to build a tower without a recipe

Newbie players in Stranded Deep cannot access tower recipes. Even so, there is a solution that would allow them to build tall buildings that mimic the function of towers.

To build a basic tower, the player places a wooden foundation on a surface and builds four wooden walls around it. Next, they need to create another foundation next to the wall and install a wooden staircase on top of it. Then they should climb the steps and cover the walls with wooden floors and repeat the process to get a tower.

If resources are an issue, players can simply build a staircase on top of the Wood Foundation Wedge. This will serve as an original watchtower using minimal materials.

purpose of the tower

In Stranded Deep, the tower has no special purpose. It can mark islands that are visible from a distance, and it can also be used as a watchtower to observe certain animals, such as sharks. However, the use ultimately depends on the needs of the player.

Stranded Deep is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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