Stellaris: How to Get Archaeotechnologies

One of the first things Stellaris players discover when they start exploring the galaxy is that their civilization is running late. The game begins with many empires rising and falling across the galaxy of Stellaris, some reduced to mighty but stagnant remnants, and others known only for the strange ruins they leave behind.

Players can explore these ruins to learn the stories of their pioneers and discover themed rewards, a system that was greatly expanded in the Stellaris 3.7 patch with the addition of Archaeotechnologies. Archaeological techniques allow players to reconstruct ancient technologies and structures to powerful and unique effects, turning the secrets of the past into the weapons of the future.

What is Archeology Technology in Stellaris

Stellaris  Faculty  of  Archaeostudies Archeology is a new research area in the Biotech tree that focuses on rebuilding ancient technology from the former Empire into new and useful technology for ship components as well as starbase and planetary construction. To start researching Archaeological Technologies, the player needs to first research the Archaeological Rare Technologies, which unlocks the Archaeological Academy Building and allows for more rare Archaeological Technologies to appear in the future.

Players can use the Technological Ascendancy Ascension Perk or Technocracy Civic to increase the chance of Archeology appearing in Stellaris’ semi-random tech selection. Alternatively, they can make sure they have Biology slots focused on Archeology, Genius, or Mad Scientists. The Academy of Archaeology is a unique building that grants research points and greatly increases the speed of archaeological research. If built on a relic world, it also produces a small number of small artifacts, which are essential for building archaeological tech structures.

How to Unlock Archeology Technology in Stellaris

Stellaris  Archaeology  Results Once a player completes the Archaeostudies technology, there are a few different ways to unlock more Archaeological technology for research in Stellaris. Most archaeological techs that grant new ship weapons are new rarities that have been added to the creature tree, meaning players have a small chance of discovering them every time they complete another tech in that area. These components can be further enhanced if the player decides to opt for the Archaeo-Engineers Ascension Perk.

For the rarer starbase and planet-building technologies, players can discover them by completing archaeological sites or by following the Herald storyline each empire gets at the start of its campaign. Spending Minor Artifacts on the “[Precursor] Secret” action will unlock new archaeological technologies related to that Precursor story. Small Artifacts are also required to build all Archaetech ship parts and buildings, making them a much more valuable resource than before. Fortunately, Archaeological Sites now have a high chance of leaving behind some minor artifacts upon completion, providing the player with a steady stream of income. Additionally, players can now trade Minor Artifacts with other empires, allowing them to use diplomacy to fund ancient technologies at their disposal.

Stellaris is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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