Starfield Skill Tree Let You Mind Control Aliens and More

The Starfield deep dive video released by Bethesda dispels many theories and speculations, because players will not only encounter aliens in the game, but also have a talent tree dedicated to heterogeneous interaction. Starfield’s main story will revolve around discovering the mysteries of the galaxy as a new member of the constellation of the last true space explorers. The adventure will lead players in search of alien artifacts that are supposedly the gameplay equivalent of Dragon Shouts in Skyrim in Starfield.

Skill systems and talents in Starfield are visually represented by a unified patch and allow players to build their characters from a diverse set of physical, social, combat, scientific or technical skills to suit their playstyle. Each category has several rows of subcategories, and each skill has levels that players can unlock by completing the corresponding challenges. From picking locks to intimidating enemies to crafting chemicals in a research lab, it’s a complete Bethesda experience set in space, affectionately known by fans as No Man’s Deep.

However, the most interesting part of the talent tree revealed in Starfield Deep Dive is the Xenosociology ability, which allows players to mind control alien creatures and make them docile. While the scope and duration of mind control is still to be seen, the demo indicated that it appears to be a very useful skill when exploring the wilds. Starfield will feature more than 1,000 planets, full of handcrafted details and unique locations for players to explore, and not all fauna will be friendly.

Starfield’s gameplay will combine the completely revamped gunplay familiar to Fallout players, as well as various technologies and gadgets — such as being able to manipulate gravity during combat, use boosters to hover in the air, or blow up entire groups of enemies with various Explosives. It will feature a wide variety of weapons that can be fully customized through an equally ambitious set of mods. If Starfield lives up to its ambitious promises, its combat is sure to delight fans of the Fallout series, as well as anyone who enjoys first-person shooters.

While not a live service title, Starfield will have story expansions, and Shattered Space has been announced as its first DLC pack. Combined with mod support on a brand new engine, it will likely be supported by developers and the community for many years to come. All that’s left is for Bethesda to stick with the September landing, and it might have a chance to contend for Game of the Year in a stacked 2023.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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