Starfield Reveals Controller, Headset, and Collector's Edition Watch

Bethesda has finally revealed the much-leaked Starfield controller, headset, and limited-edition watch, most of which are already available for purchase. Its reveal was part of today’s Starfield Direct, which also included confirmation of Starfield’s first post-launch DLC, a new gameplay trailer, and plenty of other information about the upcoming space RPG.

The starry sky-themed gadgets have been one of Bethesda’s worst-kept secrets for the past few months, with multiple leaks throughout the spring. The controller and the Starfield Xbox headset even hit some retailers ahead of the June 11 launch, so their release may not come as a surprise to fans who keep up with the game’s news cycle.

As for the LPV6 Chronomark watch, Starfield collector’s items leaked along with its owner’s manual back in early 2022. Today’s announcement confirms that the watch will only be available as part of the game’s Constellation Edition, priced at $299.99. The bundle also includes a watch box, a patch with the game’s Zodiac Pie logo, and a steel display case without any contents. That said, Starfield’s Collector’s Edition will only come with a download code, not a physical copy of the game. Meanwhile, the Starfield controller and headset are already available from Microsoft for $79.99 and $124.99, respectively.

Where to Buy the Starfield Controller, Headset, and Constellation Edition Watch

Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller – $79.99 (Microsoft) Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Headset – $124.99 (Microsoft) Starfield Constellation Edition – $299.89 (Bethesda) Starfield Constellation Edition – $299.99 (BestBuy) LPV6 Chronomark Watch Watch Looks a lot like it – a simulation of the watch Starfield players will use in the game. While the watch has some basic smartwatch features, like the ability to forward notifications from your phone, it also comes with a long list of disclaimers stating that the device doesn’t have a touchscreen, doesn’t support cellular service, and can’t transmit phone calls. The “LPV6” part of its moniker should also not be confused with the IP rating, as there’s no indication that the gadget’s housing is protected in any way.

The watch itself is made by The Wand Company, a British manufacturer known for premium props like Pokeballs and Star Trek communicators, which inspires confidence in its build quality. While the LPV6 Chronomark Watch probably won’t offer much value beyond being a collectible, that’s not to say Bethesda will have a hard time selling the Constellation Edition of one of 2023’s most anticipated AAA games, StarCraft. to any questions.

The Starfield headset and controllers have also been announced as limited-edition items, but there’s no indication either is in danger of being out of stock. Ultimately, both appear to be reskinned variants of mass-produced Xbox accessories, so Microsoft may continue to sell them as it sees fit.

Starfield launches September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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