Starfield Player Finds Crew in Unexpected Place


Starfield players are constantly discovering bugs, glitches, and surprises in the game, leading to interesting and unique discoveries. A player finds their crew standing on top of a ship in space, a ludicrous and tricky situation. While there were some unnecessary visual bugs, and some players were concerned about running the game on Intel GPUs, overall Starfield was received warmly. Player’s Day Roll video continues A Starfield player accidentally finds some of their crew in a very unexpected location. Those who purchase the Starfield Premium or Constellation Edition will have access to the game for only one week. Even in a short amount of time, fans have spent their precious time not only playing and exploring the game, but also finding humorous scenes. The vast starry sky brings many interesting and unique discoveries.

There are a lot of bugs, glitches, and even surprises in the game. While some of these issues are mostly accidental and unintentional, there are others that can give players an early advantage. An example of this is the astral trick for getting high-quality spacesuits early in the game. Players are constantly discovering unorthodox ways to enjoy the game, as they often uncover many secrets. However, there are some mysteries that players cannot easily solve. This sometimes results in out-of-the-box discoveries in the game.

Such was the case for one Reddit user, who believed some Starfield staff members were missing. The player decided to take a photo of their ship’s exterior in outer space and was surprised to see two crew members standing casually on it. Actually, this shouldn’t be possible since there is no air in space, so it could just be a glitch and the game decides to move the two guys to that location. The comments section is filled with other humorous observations from the game’s world, such as food found on the floor of a toxic planet, and a Styrofoam cup found in a 381-degree hellscape, among other things.

starfield-companion-photo These are mostly just visual and unnecessary bugs that don’t necessarily affect gameplay. However, the findings above help dispel skepticism. Even for a sci-fi game, some things are just too ridiculous. Most of these aren’t game-breaking, though, unlike some concerns among PC gamers. There have been numerous reports of issues with Starfield running on certain Intel GPUs, and these issues have angered fans.

Despite all of these issues and concerns, Starfield has received a positive reception. The feedback it has received has been mostly enthusiastic. Despite some issues, many fans from around the world are impressed with how the game works. Ideally, Bethesda might still need to fix a few patches to really give players the polished experience they want, but the game is off to a good start, even if there are a few hiccups.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.