Starfield Player Builds the Borg Cube From Star Trek in the Game


Ship customization in Starfield allows players to recreate famous ships from various science fiction series, including the Borg Cube from Star Trek. Shipbuilders in Starfield focus on balancing weight, maneuverability, and power to create a viable starship that can support a crew and take on enemies. While the shipbuilder is already impressive, future mods added will further enhance the customization options and enhance the overall experience of the game. Gamer’s Dayscroll video continues with content The ship customization feature in Starfield is powerful enough that players can recreate the Borg cube from Star Trek simply by using the feature. The excitement among Bethesda fans was palpable when Starfield launched, but it wasn’t until the Starfield Direct reveal that hype for the game began to soar. For many, the biggest highlight of Depth ended up being the debut of the Starfield shipbuilder, which allowed players to build the spaceship of their dreams module by module.

While players have complained about the lack of immersion in Starfield’s space exploration, the ability to build a variety of starships through the builder has remained one of the game’s biggest strengths since launch. From the X-Wing to the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars fans have been trying to recreate some of Star Wars’ most beloved ships, so it’s no surprise that there are attempts to do the same with other big sci-fi franchises.

A player named IngeniousIdiocy shared their Borg cube design on the official Starfield subreddit, with a video showcasing the iconic Star Trek ship. It goes without saying that the : is a truly powerful, unorthodox build, sadly not designed for actual gaming. The gravity drive, reactor, shields, fuel tanks, and cargo bays are all cleverly hidden within the 2×2 hollows inside the cube itself, but the biggest drawback is that the ship has a maneuverability rating of 36. Additionally, its cubic design and size block most of the camera from first- and third-person modes.

Shipyards in Starfield are primarily designed around balancing weight, maneuverability, and the power your ships need. While the system offers plenty of options in terms of different visuals, the goal of the game is to create a viable starship that can support a range of crews and is sturdy enough to take on the Crimson Fleet pirates lurking in the settled system. Some ship upgrades even allow players to hide prohibited items in the stars, allowing them to bypass law enforcement scanners during gravity leaps into civilized space.

Ultimately, while the ship builder was an impressive feature at launch, there’s no doubt it will get even better over the coming months with the Starfield mod. While there are already many useful mods available for Starfield Nexus, the release of the Creation Kit will truly open up the game and allow modders to enhance the experience, much like The Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4 mods transformed their respective games Same.

Starfield is out now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.