Starfield Outposts Could Be Massive

An eagle-eyed Starfield fan spotted a small detail in a recent demo of the title that sparked discussion about how big the Outpost might be in the final game. There’s been a lot of speculation about Bethesda’s future releases, and the potential size of the Starfield outpost is something fans have been pondering lately.

According to the developers, Starfield is a game that has been in the works for 25 years. Bethesda has released a 40-plus-minute breakdown of Starfield, bringing its biggest update yet to a hungry fanbase in June. The breakdown demo covered every major aspect of the game, from how the gunplay works all the way to character customization. One of the main aspects brought up during the demo was base building, the ability to build special outposts on planets that players can travel to.

Reddit user PackDog1141 noticed a section on how to customize player outposts during the 40+ minute presentation. While building one of the outposts, in the lower left corner of the screen, it shows that although many parts of the base have been built, only 10% of the build limit has been used. It’s a significant improvement over some of Bethesda’s other games that feature base-building. PackDog1141 posted their findings on Reddit, noting how large these areas could be in the final game, but the reaction in the comments could burst the bubble for fans looking to build the gigantic bases of their dreams.

As some reviews have pointed out, the base-building aspect in Starfield is likely to be similar to Bethesda’s other big series, Fallout. In Fallout 4, laying out a series of basic buildings doesn’t take up much of the build limit, but once players add interiors and lighting to their base, the build limit fills up pretty quickly. The buildings in the Starfield imagery appear to be empty, so once the player starts adding all these space-related items in there, the build limit may go up 100% faster than expected.

The bottom line of the discussion is that currently only the developers know the truth about base building limitations. It’s possible that outposts work in exactly the same way as Fallout, and it’s also possible that Starfield has the greatest base-building capabilities of any game ever released. Starfield fans still have plenty of questions to ponder until September. This includes the number of bases that can be built on each planet and how many crews players can assign to each planet.

Starfield launches on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X.

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