Starfield Fan Spends 50 Hours Recreating New Atlantis With LEGO


A Starfield fan recreates the city of New Atlantis in LEGO, showing off its stunning architecture and useful amenities. Due to the lack of a detailed in-game map of New Atlantis and its suppliers, fans came to appreciate LEGO bricks as a navigation aid. Starfield offers many stunning locations, from ancient human monuments to secret science facilities, that can inspire future fan-made art projects. Gamer’s Daily Scroll Video Continues While most gamers were busy building their own ships and mapping the stars, one Starfield fan recreated the entire city of New Atlantis in LEGO Design software. The capital of the United Colonies is one of the first major destinations players visit in the vast Starfield universe, quickly becoming a striking location with its stunning architecture and plethora of useful facilities.

Set on the lush planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri star system, New Atlantis is just one of the major cities players will visit in StarCraft. This bustling city was home not only to countless colonists, but also to many players who gained citizenship in the United Colonial Space. The city is a hub especially early in the game, with New Atlantis divided into several zones offering residential facilities, shops, bars, a spaceport, and more. The city has plenty of quests to complete and factions to satisfy, and while getting around isn’t too difficult thanks to New Atlantis’s free-to-use public transportation system, the lack of a detailed city map can make getting around a bit complicated. Difficult to get. Locate a specific store or supplier.

Still, the city’s overall structure and design make it a prominent location in the Starfield universe, and a great place to see in the game. One die-hard fan of the city even spent 50 hours recreating the city out of Lego bricks in virtual design software Bricklink This impressive project was undertaken by Reddit user Taris120, who quickly caught the attention of the gaming community after sharing their creation in a post on the site. While not existing as a physical building primarily due to structural issues, the build still covers every area of New Atlantis and puts them all into one stunning LEGO miniature.

Due to the lack of detailed maps of the city and its vendors in the game, many fans pointed out that this extremely detailed build provided a perspective on the city not found in the game, perhaps making it easier for players to navigate. Two widely discussed points of contention among Starfield fans are the presence of fast travel and the map system in the game. While the travel mechanic may not be something some players thought of before the game’s release, players who rely too heavily on the game’s fast travel feature may miss out. Some of the many wonders the game has to offer.

Starfield has no shortage of sights to see, either. From discovering long-lost monuments to humanity on Earth to stumbling upon top-secret scientific facilities on alien moons, there are countless stunning locations to be found that all complement Starfield’s aesthetic, many of which will no doubt inspire fans to make similar The future of art projects.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.