Stardew Valley Player Creates Incredible Corn Maze for Their Farm

A dedicated Stardew Valley player has created an incredible corn maze on their farm that not only looks cool, but also has a series of landmarks to find. This giant corn maze is one of the largest and most creative mazes in Stardew Valley.

One of the most impressive feats in video games is the longevity of the indie Stardew Valley, which was made in 2015 and still manages to attract new players every day. In fact, Stardew Valley’s success may never be replicated again, as many indie creators have tried their best to create their own successful clones with little success. One of the main reasons players keep returning to Stardew Valley is the sense of creative freedom the game affords them. In Stardew Valley, nothing inspires creativity like creating the perfect farm layout.

Reddit user RuralPharmer has taken their layout to the next level with a corn maze that spans the available space on their farm. All the buildings necessary to run the farm, including the greenhouse, are located in the upper right corner of the land to allow as much space as possible for the corn maze. This maze is so big that it is only comparable to the maze on All Souls’ Day in Stardew Valley. Even a quick glance at the maze is enough to get lost in rows of cornfields that meander in every direction. In the middle of the giant yellow maze lies a pile of hay that spells “JoJa,” a cold-hearted corporation that will stop at nothing to make a quick buck.

Not only the size of this maze is impressive, but the many activities to explore. As detailed in a Reddit post, the maze features a petting zoo, ten different scarecrows for you to find, surprises at the center, and wine tastings on Fridays. There’s also a warning about not walking through the corn wall, which would be an obvious way to cheat. The post also mentions that the farm is in an active partnership with JojaCorp, hence the giant ad in the center of the maze.

In a review, RuralPharmer explains that the corn maze takes about 8 to 12 hours to complete, with a time span of about a week. The poster also pointed out that they didn’t water each piece of corn by hand, or even set up a series of sprinklers. Instead, RuralPharmer uses the Rain Totem to water their farms, saving hours of time and energy.

Stardew Valley is available now on PC, Mobile, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

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