Stardew Valley Mod Makes the Skull Cavern a Breeze

The Stardew Valley Tractor mod makes Skull Cavern even easier. While playing Stardew Valley is largely a fun and relaxing experience, the Skull Cavern can be intimidating.

The modding community in Stardew Valley is very active. Hundreds of different mods are available, from custom NPCs and cosmetic changes to massive expansion packs that add entirely new areas and stories to the game. Some mods allow players to cheat, spawn in items, provide additional information about items or characters, or create entirely new items that were not normally available in Stardew Valley before.

On TikTok, user strawberryelf shared their experience with the Tractor Mod and how they used it to breeze through the Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley. The video shows the Strawberry Fairy character sitting on a tractor, mining and collecting all the ore available in a matter of seconds. Even more impressive, there appeared to be two snakes trying to grab the player, but the tractor galloped by effortlessly. What the Tractor Mod allows is self-explanatory – it adds tractors to Stardew Valley. But it also allows the tractor to perform a long list of actions, which means players can summon their tractor to Skull Cavern and basically clear everything in the level, be it ore or monsters. It is also easy to find the hole to the lower level due to the speed of the tractor. The reach of the tractor can also be extended, so the player doesn’t even have to get close to the monster if they don’t want to. The Stardew Valley tractor mod is available through the Nexus mod.

Everyone under the video commented on how they wish they had a PC just to add this mod, and those who played on PC shared that this is how they got through Skull Cavern themselves. This mod is truly a Stardew Valley fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why.

While the tractor mod has a long list of requirements to install before it can function, the trade-off seems to be worth it. Unfortunately for fans who played Strawdew Valley on other platforms, they’ll have to wade through Skull Cavern.

Stardew Valley is available now on mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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