Stardew Valley: How To Get Hay

Hay is an essential resource in Stardew Valley, needed to feed animals. The greater the number of animals, the more hay will be required for maintenance. While getting hay may seem easier said than done, there are a few ways to get hay with ease.

Players can obtain hay in Stardew Valley in a number of ways, some of which are easier than others. However, this guide will outline all available options and provide players with other useful tidbits to get the most out of their games.

How to Get Hay in Stardew Valley – Solutions

Players who want to get hay in Stardew Valley can choose any one or combination of the following options :

build silos

Barn  and  Silo  Stardew  Valley Players planning to keep a lot of livestock on their farm should choose this solution first. Building a silo will allow the player to start harvesting hay instead of buying it from Marnie.

To build the silo, follow the steps below :

Visit Robin at her shop north of the town square on Hill Road. Be sure to visit Robin’s store between 9am and 5pm, except Friday when it closes at 4pm. Talk to Robin and choose Construct Farm Buildings. Scroll through the list of construction options. Select Silo Build. Choose where to build the silo. Building a silo requires 100 grams, 10 clay, 100 stone, and 5 copper ingots.

It takes Robin two days to build a silo that can store 240 hay.

Once the player has built the silo, they can use the scythe to mow the grass into hay. Mowing grass does not produce hay without building a silo.

It’s worth noting that players should build a silo even before starting to build barns for animals. This strategy will allow players to stockpile hay until needed. Players who build barns and buy large amounts of livestock without stockpiling hay will end up starving the animals.

harvesting hay or wheat

stardew  valley  forest  farm Players can buy Grass or Wheat from Pierre to plant, then use the Sickle to harvest Hay. In addition to solving the hay problem, growing grass or wheat allows animals to graze on them without having to harvest them first.

To harvest grass or wheat for hay, follow these steps :

Head to Pierre’s store north of the town square between 9am and 5pm, except Wednesdays. Talk to Pierre to start shopping. Scroll down the list to find Grass Starter. Choose Grass Starter. Now, go back to the farm and plan the Grass Starter. Once planted, the player can harvest it for hay. However, it is best to leave it for a few days to allow it to grow and spread. Use a scythe to harvest hay, as using any other weapon will mow without providing hay.

Buy Hay from Marnie

Marnie's  Ranch  Location  Stardew  Valley Players who lack hay can buy it from Marnie. Hay will cost 50g each and can be purchased from Marnie’s Ranch, located south of the player’s farm in Ciderwood.

To buy hay from Marnie follow these steps :

Visit Marnie’s Ranch and talk to her. Choose Supply Store. Hay will be the first item available for purchase on the list. Choose hay to buy it. Buying hay from Marnie is the easiest way to get valuable goods, but costs can add up quickly in the early game when money is scarce. Therefore, the player should harvest hay by building silos and mowing grass.

Hay Alternatives

Trade with the Desert Merchant Players can use the Omni Geode to trade with the Desert Merchant for three pieces of hay.

Hay as a gift After players and Marnie get friendship points, they can get 30 pieces of hay for free.

Stardew Valley is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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