Stardew Valley Creator Shows Off New Scene from Upcoming Haunted Chocolatier Game


Stardew Valley creator Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone has revealed a new setting for his upcoming game, Haunted Chocolatier, which aims to be a single-player action RPG experience with mystery and exploration. Haunted Chocolatier has been in development alongside Stardew Valley updates since 2020, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news about its release and other platforms. Recently shared screenshots by ConcernedApe have sparked speculation about the identity of an elderly man in the game, leading some fans to believe that Haunted Chocolate may have a connection to Stardew Valley. Development on both games is ongoing, and more updates will be shared in the future. DAYSCROLL’s Gamer Video Continues Stardew Valley creator Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone reveals a new scene for his upcoming candy sim Haunted Chocolatier. While Haunted Chocolatier was inspired by the life-sim elements of Stardew Valley, ConcernedApe’s project aims to provide a single-player action RPG experience with mysteries to solve and fantastical settings to explore.

Haunted Chocolatier began development in 2020, and ConcernedApe continues to work on Stardew Valley updates. A year later, the indie developer officially unveiled Haunted Chocolatier in October 2021 with a new gameplay trailer. In the two years since its initial release, fans have been clamoring for news about version 1.6 of Haunted Chocolatier and Stardew Valley due to a lack of substantial announcements. Involves release date and other platforms.

ConcernedApe shared a new screenshot of Haunted Chocolatier on Twitter, depicting an elderly man waking up from his “worst dream.” The old man’s room is large, with open and unopened books beside the bed. While ConcernedApe didn’t reveal further details about the story, the screenshot sparked speculation among fans about the old man’s identity. Some fans believe the old man is Grandpa from Stardew Valley, the character in the game who presents the farmhouse to players. The similarity of the two characters’ designs led many fans to believe that Haunted Chocolate had a connection to Stardew Valley.

According to ConcernedApe, development on version 1.6 of Stardew Valley is still ongoing, and the developer will release more screenshots of Haunted Chocolate in the future. ConcernedApe’s subsequent reply reiterated that he prefers to work undercover, which may explain why there was no major news about Haunted Chocolatier. Additionally, ConcernedApe is asking fans to be patient to avoid stress while development work on the new Stardew Valley update and Haunted Chocolate continues.

The new screenshots will likely keep fans speculating about the haunted chocolate shop’s background and story for quite some time. Fortunately, ConcernedApe seems willing to share more screenshots in the future, and a brief development update for version 1.6 of Stardew Valley has reassured fans worried about the update.

Fans may grow impatient with ConcernedApe’s secrecy about Haunted Chocolatier, but the minimal amount of updates could be good for the game’s inevitable release. The stress-free environment will help ConcernedApe develop Haunted Chocolatier and fully realize his vision for this exciting game. In the meantime, fans can keep playing Stardew Valley in preparation for the 1.6 update, which is expected to arrive in late 2023 at the earliest.

Haunted Chocolate is currently in development for PC.