Star Wars Battlefront 3 Was Almost Finished, Says Former Dev

Star Wars Battlefront 3 is closer to completion than many fans expected, according to a former developer. Not too long ago, the Battlefront series was rebooted by DICE, unfortunately the series had to be stopped early and Star Wars Battlefront 3 won’t be releasing anytime soon. It’s an interesting case of history repeating itself, though the cancellation of the original Battlefront 3 seems even more frustrating.

The Star Wars Battlefront series launched in 2004 on PS2, Xbox and PC. The series features both first-person and third-person gameplay, allowing players to choose their preferred perspective of the game. In addition to this feature, the game lets players engage in iconic battles from the Star Wars franchise, and its sequel has managed to do just that while adding new features and improving the experience. Many years later, Electronic Arts released Star Wars Battlefront and its sequels, rebooting the series and rekindling the love for the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. Sadly, its third installment didn’t work out, and now it’s part of a canceled Star Wars game that will never see the light of day.

According to Naughty Dog’s lead designer and former Star Wars Battlefront 3 developer Michael Barclay, the game was almost finished before it was canceled. Buckley said Star Wars Battlefront is so close to completion it’s going to be incredible. The tweet was in response to another user asking the game’s developer what an escape game is, and thanks to the tweet, players get an idea of how close they are to experiencing another Star Wars Battlefront installment. Although Modern Star Wars Battlefront 2 received mixed reviews upon release, many fans of the series still want to see a sequel. However, the original Battlefront 2 was a hit, and was the game that should have received the canceled sequel Barclays refers to.

It’s a shame Star Wars Battlefront fans missed out on the third installment in the series twice. At launch, Modern Star Wars Battlefront 2 was controversial for its aggressive monetization practices. While the developers added a ton of free content and managed to keep many players coming back to the game, it wasn’t enough considering the high cost of making Star Wars Battlefront 3.

The Star Wars franchise has had many projects canceled and, unfortunately, Battlefront 3 is just part of a long-term trend. A few rumors have surfaced about the Star Wars franchise, and if they’re true, fans could play FPS Star Wars games in the future. However, they always had to wonder what any version of Battlefront 3 would look like.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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