Star Wars: Andor Cast Members Reveal Their Favorite Lines From Season 1

If there’s one aspect of Andor that stands above the rest, it’s probably the cereal. That stuff looks delicious. But beyond that, one could easily argue that the show’s writing is its most impressive product. That’s thanks to incredible performances in the Disney Plus Star Wars franchise, and it looks like the actors themselves are paying homage to the experience.

Andor is a show that loves to speak, but the quality of the writing goes beyond even those powerful moments. Every viewer likely has their favorite tidbits, from the bold and repeated proclamations of the prisoners as they run to freedom, to the quieter moments of the found family. But what about those involved in the Star Wars show? Several of Andorra’s actors make unexpected choices about their favorite lines from the show. Surprising, maybe a little quirky.

During Star Wars Celebration 2023, Andorra’s stars spoke briefly to IGN about which conversations stood out to them, and they picked out some delightfully wacky choices. First up is Denise Gough, who plays the formidable Imperial Lieutenant Dedra Meero. She recites a seemingly innocuous line from her character, but there’s more. ‘I needed a multi-sectoral mix of data going back two years. The survey pool is the Imperial Navy base and maintenance facility,” Melo (and Goff) said. “I would like a record of all missing avionics, communications, navigation, and targeting equipment. “Why did she choose that line?” “The reason I remember it is because I couldn’t do it that day,” Gauff admits to the laughter of her peers.

Next up is Kyle Soler, who plays cereal-loving public servant Cyril Kahn. He’s also quick to pick a line from his character. “There will come a day when the risk of doing nothing becomes the greatest risk.” His peers agree with his love of lines. However, it’s funny considering Syril is a rather pathetic character, more obsessed with rules than any actual personal convictions. It’s a great line, brilliantly delivered by Soller, but it comes from an unfortunate place in the show. As a side note, Soller and Gough’s chemistry seems to be exactly what many fans were hoping to see between Syril and Dedra. So hey, at least they get that much.

Finally, Adria Arjona (Bix Caleen) presents her options, picking one from Fiona Shaw’s aging radical character Maarva. Diego Luna’s titular character Cassian Ando begged her to consider her safety, saying, “I’ll always worry about you.” In response, she laughed and said, ‘That’s love. There is nothing you can do about it. Maarva is Cassian’s adoptive mother on the show, which makes the moment even more heartbreaking. All 3 actors in the interview express this sentiment which is great to see as it shows how they are still involved with the series outside of being performers.

Unfortunately, there have been very few teases about Andor season 2. The interviewer asked if there would be more scenes of Syril eating cereal, which is certainly crucial information. But the cast can’t say anything other than hoping that Syril and Dedra will share something. Fans have to be given what they want.

Andor season 1 is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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