Star Wars: Ahsoka Rumor Hints At Villainous Rescue Mission

The apparent plot of the upcoming Disney Plus series Star Wars : Ahsoka just got even more interesting, as a rumor now hints at a very important plot detail. A returning character appears to be playing a major role in the new series, suggesting an unexpected turn for a highly anticipated villain.

Given that Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano has already been rumored to return to The Mandalorian, it would make sense for the two shows to continue to share ties during their respective runes. In this case, the connection appears to be with another character Ahsoka sees in the first episode of the latter season. As the former Jedi left on her own after the events of The Clone Wars and the original Star Wars trilogy, she was seen hunting down Marshal Thrawn who disappeared at the end of the Star Wars Rebels series. She does this through a former magistrate.

According to Rumors from Making Star Wars, the Sheriff will be present in Ahsoka. The Scoop site reports that, according to several unconfirmed sources, the character Morgan Elsbeth will feature prominently throughout the series. In The Mandalorian, Elsbeth is played by actress and stuntman Diana Lee Inosanto. She has close ties to Marshal Thrawn, and likely knows where he is. While she was defeated in one episode, her time with the team may not be over yet.

Star  Wars  Ahsoka  Tano  Rosario  DawsonMorgan  ElsbethDiana  Lee  Inosanto While Thrawn’s casting continues to defy expectations and any confirmations, he’s likely to appear in the Ahsoka series. But now, thanks to rumors of the return of Morgan Elsbeth, fans have a better idea of how it will end up. Elsbeth was instrumental in the building of the Imperial Navy during the reign of the Galactic Empire and later under the patronage of Admiral Thrawn. So her return may hint at an unexpected plot element.

Making Star Wars took this rumor further, saying it speculates that Elsbeth’s time on Earth Corvus was used to mine resources from the planet to build a ship capable of bringing Thrawn back from where he left off. This suggests another possible connection between Ahsoka and the Rebels, as in the latter’s ending, protagonist Ezra Bridger defeats the Thrawn. Elsbeth, however, seems to know where he is and intends to complete her own rescue mission while Ahsoka continues to search for Ezra.

It’s unclear if this means Elsbeth will work alone or with Ahsoka in a mutually beneficial way, especially since she’s likely the former Jedi’s best hope of finding Thrawn and Ezra. But that could be the focus of the entire series, perhaps ending with a climax where they finally find the two of them. It’s also a nice setup for the rumored Ezra Bridger spinoff. Either way, it’s worth taking this rumor with a grain of salt, as it’s currently unconfirmed. But it sure is exciting to think about.

Star Wars: Ahsoka will premiere on Disney Plus in mid to late 2023.

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