Sony's Classic E3 2010 Press Conference With Kevin Butler Gets HD Remaster


An HD remaster of Sony’s iconic E3 2010 press conference starring PlayStation 3 ambassador Kevin Butler has been released. Kevin Butler’s antics were beloved by PlayStation gamers and helped boost the PS3’s popularity against rivals like the Wii and Xbox 360. The future of E3 is uncertain due to recent event cancellations and the rise of individual livestreaming events from publishers. Looking back at past E3 moments, such as Kevin Butler’s appearance in 2010, can provide nostalgia and insight into games from a decade ago. Nippon Gamer Video will continue to provide content An HD remaster of Sony’s iconic E3 2010 press conference has surfaced online, reminding gamers of beloved PlayStation 3 spokesperson Kevin Butler. In the seventh generation of consoles, Sony is promoting its latest system with the help of actor Jerry Lambert, who plays the company’s fictional vice president, Kevin Butler, who is in charge of pretty much everything. As part of Sony’s “It Can Do It All” ad campaign, Butler will answer gamers’ questions about the PlayStation 3 and its many first-party exclusives, while performing a variety of impressive and outlandish feats.

Kevin Butler’s antics proved popular with PlayStation players, and helped propel the PS3 into competition with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Sadly, Kevin Butler’s time as the comic face of the PS3 will come to an end in the winter of 2011 and in October. In 2012, Sony filed a lawsuit against Jerry Lambert and Bridgestone Tires, accusing them of “plagiarizing” the character in Wii commercials. Sony is set to settle with Lambert next January, but the fallout from the legal battle makes Kevin Butler’s return unlikely, disappointing gamers who loved his wacky PS3 ads.

Noclip Game History Archive, a YouTube channel dedicated to streaming gaming sessions and showcasing old games like Sony’s equally memorable E3 2006 show, recently released an updated HD version of Sony’s E3 2010 press conference featuring Kevin Butler ( Kevin Butler at the height of the PS3. spokesman. Midway through the presentation, Butler took the stage to deliver a rousing speech on the nature of gaming while promoting the PlayStation Move, Sony’s answer to the Wii at the time. Butler also appeared in two pre-recorded commercials for Move and PlayStation Portable.

Butler and PlayStation Move weren’t the only seemingly dated content on display in this nostalgic Sony presentation, as E3 itself has arguably faded in the years since 2010. Once the definitive showcase for upcoming video games, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo has become less and less in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with publishers holding their own live events such as the Xbox Showcase and PlayStation State of Play. Previously planned E3 shows for 2022 and 2023 were ultimately canceled, and it’s unclear whether the show will return.

The future of E3 may be up in the air as of this writing, but fans can still look back at many memorable moments from the annual event, including Kevin Butler’s appearance at Sony’s E3 2010 conference . Looking back at this nearly 13-year-old showcase is an interesting look at what gaming was like 10 years ago, while also bringing back the former VP’s nostalgia for pretty much everything PlayStation.