Sony Wants to Make NPC Reactions More Lifelike

Sony has published a patent for a new design that could help NPCs in games react more vividly to actions and events around them. This is just the latest of many patents filed by Sony, which continues to push the technology forward with its bold ideas.

The major game console makers in the market are always trying to introduce new technologies to gain an advantage over the competition, including Sony, which is constantly fighting for supremacy with Microsoft. The company holds several patents for ideas that could revolutionize the way people play games, from changing the way controls work to using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. Now there are also rumors that Sony is launching an all-new version of the PS5, the PlayStation 5 Pro, which could be released in late 2024 and offer gamers a superior experience.

This new patent, created by Sony, describes a system that could improve NPCs’ reactions to nearby events. According to the patent, the system would track the physical 3D environment of non-playable characters in real time, constantly checking to see if those characters should interact with them. The goal is to continuously determine what is happening to the surface around the NPC, so certain changes can be detected quickly, and the NPC will immediately respond with an appropriate, human-like response.

sony-figure-2 While the patent is focused on extended reality (XR) games such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), it is clear that the same model could be used in a similar Better reaction games. Games that take place in the real world require more interaction techniques because the entire world is not virtual, but the idea can also be implemented in a fully virtual world. There are countless cases of NPCs not responding properly in games, so this idea is very welcome to improve immersion.

Sony is full of innovative ideas these days. Recently, the company unveiled another exotic project, a new PlayStation controller that can change the temperature. The patent explains that the design would have the controller change temperature to reflect gameplay. For example, it might get hotter or colder during certain parts of the game. Another unusual idea for the design is the use of a deformable plastic that can change its shape in the player’s hand.

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