Sony May Be Working on VR Games That Don't Require Controllers

Sony may be working on new PlayStation VR2 games that don’t require the use of a controller, according to a new patent filed by the company. While the PlayStation VR2 has struggled in terms of sales, upcoming titles and increased availability at retailers may encourage gamers to buy a VR headset for their PlayStation 5 console.

PlayStation VR2 launched on February 22 with a slew of new and updated titles, including Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7 and Tetris Effect: Connected. In March, it was reported that sales of the PlayStation VR2 were lackluster, with slower sales compared to the PlayStation 4’s original PlayStation VR headset. Many gamers interested in VR tech thought the PlayStation VR2’s $549.99 price point was too high, and there were rumors that Sony was scaling back production of the headset. Despite poor sales, Sony is actively looking to get more PlayStation VR2 devices to retailers, and a new patent suggests gamers will be able to play VR games without controllers in the future.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for a personalized VR control that could allow users to play their favorite PlayStation VR2 games or run apps without using the Sense controllers. The patent describes VR users performing gestures through gestures that are captured by a camera associated with the VR device. The camera will capture the user’s sensor data and gestures, passing the information to the game or application to perform the intended action. For example, users can make emoji appear in a VR app by making a heart-shaped gesture.

PlayStation  VR  2 Games  Without  Controllers The patent shows that PlayStation VR2 users will have their own VR profiles based on gestures and movements sensed by the headset’s cameras over time. The capture method allows users to use accurate and personalized VR controls that are handled between the headset and multiple systems. PlayStation VR2 relays the process directly to the VR customization server and CDN server in the larger interactive system.

Sony’s new patent for the PlayStation VR2 could be a boon for the headset in the near future. If Sony succeeds in developing PlayStation VR2 games that don’t require a controller, the company could cut overall production costs while developing and selling an entry-level headset. Plus, the company’s efforts could entice gamers to buy the headset with the new PlayStation 5 console, boosting PlayStation VR2 sales over time.

However, Sony’s plans for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 and how this patent applies to new games remains to be seen. The rumored PlayStation Summer Showcase could soon showcase new games for the PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation 5, so fans can expect more news as they await major releases like Final Fantasy 16 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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