Sonic Frontiers Modders Working on Big Change to Photo Mode

Some of the talented modders at Sonic Frontiers are working hard to overhaul the game, making a major change to the game’s photo mode. Towards the end of March, Sonic Frontiers released its first free update, called the “Sights, Sounds, and Speed” DLC. This adds some new features to the game that fans have been asking for in the base game since launch, such as the jukebox, Battle Rush mode, and Cyberspace Level Challenge mode. One of the game modes introduced in this update is Photo Mode, which is perfect for an open-area adventure game like Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers’ photo mode, while good by any means, was lacking for some fans. While it allows players to take detailed photos of the Starfall Islands, the mode is a bit lackluster in some areas. This includes the lack of dynamic poses, the only ones Sonic can make are part of game animations. If Sonic stands still in one place, it defaults to his normal idle pose. The game’s modders are sprucing up the photo mode with a simple but huge variation : emoticons.

Most games with a photo mode give players the option to customize their screenshots with various features, and some games allow their player characters to pose in photos. This PC mod for Sonic Frontiers aims to give that same personality, where Sonic’s new pose can liven up a single photo. This includes 30 different poses from references to other games, a simple wave, and even one that makes him look like he’s taking a selfie on Starfall Islands. The mod was developed by Blue Vivacity, TheDuckDealer, and SonicPox, and a trailer for the mod was released on April Fools’ Day.

Ever since Blue Vivacity released this trailer on April Fool’s Day, he’s included a “release” link for this Sonic Frontiers mod, which isn’t a mod at all, but a much worse mod that completely changes Sonic’s model and physics . He did go on to clarify that while the “release” is a joke, the three modders are really hard at work delivering the Emotes mod and they want it released as soon as possible. He also thanked the many fans who gave feedback and supported the mod.

Modders have been busy since the game’s release, with things like modding new playable characters for Sonic Frontiers and overhauling the photo mode. The progress of this mod can be found on Blue Vivacity’s Twitter account, where you can find photos of some of the poses Sonic can make.

Sonic Frontiers is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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