Some Destiny 2 Players Are Randomly Getting Banned from PvP

Destiny 2 players have encountered all sorts of frustrating technical issues since the launch of the latest expansion, but the game’s latest update has resulted in some players receiving unnecessary Crucible bans after successfully completing a match. With Destiny 2 experiencing widespread server issues in recent weeks, it appears the game’s latest patch has brought another batch of bugs along with the fixes.

Destiny 2: Lightfall marked another new year for the game, but its launch didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. The expansion made some bold changes to the game across the board, with a general increase in the difficulty of most activities, drawing a backlash from the community. While the expansion’s campaign fell short on multiple levels narratively, the DLC did deliver a ton of new content in the form of The Strand, a new destination on Neptune, and more. Aggressive adjustments to difficulty have become harsher for many fans due to a bug that caused some enemies to one-shot Guardians during PvE events, while underpowered primary weapons will only become a thing of the past for players using certain exotic weapons More problematic, these weapons inflict damage unintentionally than intentionally.

Thankfully, a number of hotfixes have been rolled out since early March that have addressed many of these issues. But more often than not, as Defiance season progressed, fans kept running into several new issues, with some fans even experiencing seemingly random bans from Destiny 2’s PvP activity since the recent mid-season patch. This was brought to the attention of the community via a post on Reddit by user Oath-Sworn, which included a video showing players receiving a 30-minute provisional ban after successfully completing a Crucible match and returning to Orbit.

Inexplicably, the banning message stated that despite disconnecting normally after the game, they were temporarily suspended due to their early departure from the game. After the brief suspension was lifted, the player went on to try again and received another, longer suspension, even though he also played his second game. Other players reported experiencing the same issue, and other fans were warned to avoid Destiny 2’s PvP playlists for now. Players should be aware that repeated bans may result in significantly longer suspension times.

Some in the community have started compiling and listing other bugs players have encountered since the latest update. Issues aside, Destiny 2’s highly anticipated mid-season patch brings a number of requested changes, including reworks to several weapon types that should make primary weapons feel more effective and compelling to use in high-end events. satisfy.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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