Sims 4 Player Turns Every Taylor Swift Album Into Themed Bedrooms

A Sims 4 player has turned every Taylor Swift album into an in-game themed bedroom, and the results are incredible. While The Sims 4 allowed players to live the life of their dreams, with these bedrooms, players can now live the life of a pop star too.

The freedom The Sims 4 affords gamers means it often produces some of the most incredible fan-made content in the entire gaming community. One Sims 4 player even recreated Bill’s town from The Last of Us, which is no small feat for a player. Even though the game was first released in 2014, the game’s community has never faltered, and players are still putting a lot of this content into the game world. As long as The Sims 4 remains the premier life sim, the game will likely retain this dedicated community.

The remakes of Taylor Swift albums were produced by Redditor softxblush, who posted images of each album online. They’re all excellent and immediately visually arresting. Each has its own distinct aesthetic that perfectly evokes the album it’s supposed to reference. Probably the most impressive thing about this creation is that they were made without the use of any Sims 4 mods, which is a huge help for players looking to create more concrete environments. Unfortunately, these images are missing from her latest album, Midnights, although users have already done it and can be found in their Sims gallery.

The thread is full of praise for softxblush, with one user describing it as “the perfect example of The Sims as an art form”, which is a huge compliment. Gamers seem to love bringing Taylor Swift into their video game worlds, and the pop artist’s incredible range of aesthetics for her time has something to offer for everyone. One player even recreated Taylor Swift’s costume in Animal Cross: New Horizons. It seems like as long as gamers have been able to customize their characters, there will be Taylor Swift fans ready to recreate their idol in games, and the creativity is brilliant.

For years, The Sims had a near-monopoly on the life-simulator genre, with few rivaling the giants EA and Maxis. However, with the announcement of Paradox’s Life by You, it seems The Sims finally have a worthy competitor. With the next installment in the The Sims Project Rene franchise in development, fans of the franchise seem to have a lot to look forward to over the next few years, though release windows for both games are currently undecided.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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