Shazam 2 Continuity Mistake Spotted By DC Fan

Since its release, Shazam! Wrath of Gods hasn’t been resting. Fans and critics alike have pointed out flaws in the film; one fan spotted a detail that didn’t fit the overall timeline.

Director David F. Sandberg had to battle the fan backlash against Shazam! wrath of the gods. A conversation revolved around Gal Gadot’s cameo as Wonder Woman. After a video surfaced showing Gadot’s body double-acting in a Shazam scene! In Wrath of Gods, fans began to speculate that Gadot never made it to the set and that her cameo was made by the editor using deepfake technology. Sandberg was quick to refute that argument, sharing a video of him commanding Gadot remotely to prove that the Wonder Woman viewers see is 100 percent Gadot.

Unfortunately, that didn’t end the criticism associated with Wonder Woman. User @Ajay005RB tweeted a screenshot containing a Wonder Woman news clipping and asked, “How did they take this photo?” The photo in question should be familiar to DC fans — This is the shot of Wonder Woman in the movie when Gadot stepped into no man’s land. Fans may recall that this scene was set during a WW1 battle, which led to @Ajay005RB’s question – how did someone get this shot? Although cameras existed in 1917, they weren’t known for their movement or sharp detail. It seems unlikely that a photographer was waiting above the trenches to snap a picture of the Amazonian hero.

While this is the latest criticism of the movie, it’s not the biggest problem fans have with Shazam! sequel. The movie has a 47% rating on Metacritic and a 49% rating on Rotten Tomatoes — which doesn’t qualify for “Certified Fresh.” Fan complaints range from the film’s lack of comedy to the lack of meaningful development for the main characters. That being said, the movie has an audience rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, so while some fans may not like it, they are generally more forgiving than critics.

A shot of Wonder Woman in Shazam’s News Clippings! Wrath of the Gods doesn’t break the DCEU timeline, it barely reaches the point of a plot hole. However, some fans may see this as another example of the sequel letting them down. This photo was probably included as an Easter egg and is not meant to be taken seriously. With Shazam! With a franchise that relies on humor and levity, this photo is likely to be a fun find for eagle-eyed fans.

Unfortunately, with big-budget productions like Game of Thrones and The Last of Us seemingly slacking off and accidentally including coffee mugs or crew members in shots, fans are always looking for another one. The forgotten Starbucks cup. Regardless of whether the production team wants to make this movie a shortcut or a fun easter egg, at least let this movie stay on people’s lips and people’s minds.

Shazam! Wrath of the Titans will air on HBO Max on May 23, 2023.

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