Rumor: PS5 Pro Dev Kits Shipping Soon to First-Party Developers

The PlayStation 5 Pro may arrive sooner than expected, as recent rumors suggest that Sony will be making a PS5 Pro development kit available to first-party developers in the coming months. The new console will be an upgraded version of the current PlayStation 5, improving its technical capabilities to run demanding games smoothly.

Rumors began to circulate about a new PlayStation 5 release in March, with some reports suggesting a PS5 Pro is in active development. Sony has been working on a new version of its popular console, and the PS5 Pro has progressed beyond most expectations, sources say. While Sony hasn’t released the PS5 Pro yet, so there’s no mention of the types of improvements this new mid-generation console could offer, a patent published by PlayStation architect Mark Cerny suggests that Sony is looking at ways to improve its ray-tracing performance for upcoming games.

According to Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro is currently in development, and Sony expects to send PS5 dev kit prototypes to first-party developers in the coming months. Third-party developers will have to wait longer, as reports suggest they may receive PS5 dev kits by the end of the year. While exact details of these PS5 Pro dev kit prototypes have yet to be revealed, more information about the PS5 Pro will likely be revealed in the coming months as developers discover new features for the upgraded console.

ps5 and  dualsense  controller After months of component shortages delayed the worldwide distribution of the PlayStation 5, Sony has managed to outsell the PlayStation 4 with its next-generation console. Gamers are now eagerly awaiting the release of the new console generation, with rumors of the PlayStation 6 starting to circulate. After months of skepticism over a potential PS5 Pro launch, the dev kit distribution seems to indicate that Sony will continue its tradition of releasing mid-generation consoles, improving the default version of its hardware, just as it did with the PS4 Pro three years after its release. did.

While the exact improvements that the PS5 Pro will bring remain a mystery, some leakers have shared a potential release date for the upgraded Sony console. Sony appears to want to launch the PS5 Pro by the end of 2024, with the goal of releasing it in time for the holidays. Alongside the new version of the popular console, Sony will also unveil new accessories for the PS5 as well as a handheld and a new PS5 with a detachable optical drive.

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