RUMOR: Marvel May Be About To Cast A Familiar Face As The Fantastic Four's Reed Richards

The Fantastic Four MCU cast may have found Reed Richards in a well-known star, and fans may already be familiar with : Adam Driver.

Based on longtime fan-favorite characters from the pages of the Marvel comic books, the Fantastic Four are a superteam who were exposed to radiation during scientific space missions, leaving Reed Richards and his wife Susan , her brother Johnny Storm and their good friend Ben Green have unique powers. With the group’s film rights owned by Fox, the team has seen a few live-action adventures mixed with receptions, but never the super-successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. After years of waiting and speculation by fans of the Fantastic Four and the MCU, the first film of Marvel’s First Family has finally been confirmed, with director Matt Shackman confirming the filming schedule for the Fantastic Four.

However, the long-running rumor has recently been heavily bolstered by industry insider Daniel Richman, who claims that the role of Reed Richards is almost filled by the talented driver. Driver, who played key villain Kylo Ren in the latest “Star Wars” trilogy and has appeared in other successful roles recently, is said to be in final talks to play the superhuman scientist. Too long around the corner. Richtman confirmed the news via his Patreon page, confirming that negotiations are nearing completion. If successful, it would be a huge addition to Driver’s portfolio, and coupled with his Star Wars role, it might even see him join the likes of Ultimate Franchise star Pedro Pascal.

The casting of kylo-ren-adam-driver-pointing-lightsaber-star-wars Driver, if confirmed, is sure to be popular with many MCU fans, a group not far removed from the Star Wars fandom. Due to fan expectations, and Kevin Feige teasing the important role the Fantastic Four will play in the MCU, that role will carry a lot of responsibility when the team finally joins the sprawling franchise. While the biggest heroes of the MCU’s most memorable era are on the verge of fading into obscurity, the Fantastic Four can grab enough attention with a trove of compelling and action-packed stories.

Only time and an official announcement will tell if Driver will be the star of the Fantastic Four that ends up on the big screen, especially since the actor’s many recent projects and speculation about whether he’ll join Daisy Ridley has been popular. A new Jedi Order Star Wars movie, possibly a Force Ghost. Either way, the characters and the fan expectations that come with them will weigh heavily.

Fantastic Four is currently set to hit theaters on February 14, 2025.

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