Rumor: Insider Narrows Down Dragon Age: Dreadwolf's Release Window

Well-known gaming insider Jeff Grubb updated fans on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s release date. While fans of the Dragon Age franchise are patient and keep reiterating to the developers that they’re happy to wait as long as they deliver a great game, they’re still hungry for bits of information.

The process of completing Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has not been smooth. BioWare had a lot of turnover in the development team, with some notable veterans leaving the project, not to mention restarting the project entirely after the original concept was scrapped. In March of this year, Mark Darrah returned to work on Dragon Age : Dread the Wolf as a consultant after stepping down as executive producer and project director in 2020. It was also reported that BioWare even recruited members of the Mass Effect 4 development team to help finish the game. Fans got a few small hints and teases in the form of concept art about the scale and visual world they can expect, and later, they got a glimpse of the class and skill tree system. Since then, there’s been little official word from BioWare, and fans have been eager to learn more.

One of those eager fans replied to Jeff Grubb’s Twitter thread, essentially asking him to clarify whether Dragon Age : Dreadwolf will be announced this summer. Grubb was tight-lipped at first, saying only that he wasn’t looking forward to playing this summer. Following that reply, the two fans then had a brief conversation, questioning the veracity of the information Grubb provided. Finally, one of them speculated that Dragon Age : Dreadwolf might be released in Summer 2024. At this time, Jeff Grubb responded again, confirming that the game is currently targeted for a summer 2024 release.

Delays happen all the time, and even with BioWare’s hands-on approach, Grubb is usually careful not to just believe everything he says. However, it still gives fans a more concrete timeline to look forward to. Grubb also clarified his earlier statement about a Fall 2023 release for Dragon Age : The Dread Wolf, which was always “at the earliest.” Fans had mixed reactions. While some people can’t believe the end date is coming for fear of disappointment, it does come as a relief to most.

While fans can already read Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s direct prequel manga series Dragon Age: Missing, fans are hoping the promotion will start soon as well. Whether a Dragon Age : Dreadwolf trailer with gameplay footage will arrive in the coming months to reassure fans is debatable, but BioWare does need to take action to calm gamers’ growing frustration.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is in development.

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