ROG Ally is a Powerful New Handheld Gaming Device That Can Run Game Pass and Steam

The ROG Ally handheld gaming device has been officially unveiled, with various details confirmed about the device’s features, with more to come at an official launch event on May 11. The ROG Ally handheld gaming device, one of the first to challenge Valve’s Steam Deck, is rocking.

The Steam Deck has been a decent success for Valve, proving that there’s a market for high-end handheld gaming devices. Asus originally announced its ROG Ally high-end handheld gaming device on April Fools’ Day, but later clarified that it was no joke and was actually a full-fledged machine to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck.

There is still no price or release date for the ROG Ally, but that information will likely be revealed at a special launch event scheduled for May 11 at 10AM ET. Meanwhile, some key details about the device itself have been revealed. ROG Ally uses Windows 11 and an AMD RyzenTM Z1-series processor with RDNATM 3 graphics. That should mean that the ROG Ally can play not only small indie titles, but also big AAA titles. Those concerned about overheating their device when trying to run the more demanding games on the market should note that the device boasts a zero-gravity thermal system consisting of dual fans, an ultra-thin heatsink, and high-friction heat pipes to keep its temperature under control.

rog  ally  info With ROG Ally running on Windows 11, the device provides easy access to Steam and Xbox Game Pass game libraries. While it’s possible to access Game Pass on Steam Deck, it’s much more convenient for ROG Ally users to do so. ROG Ally is actually offering a bundle that includes a 90-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, meaning early adopters will be able to choose from hundreds of different games at launch.

Anyone selling on the ROG Ally, even if they don’t know its price, should note that the device will be available exclusively for Currys in select Currys stores in the UK and online. It’s unclear what this means for ROG Ally outside of the UK, but again, more information on this should be revealed at the May 11 event.

asus  rog  ally-1 If the pricing is right for the ROG Ally, it should prove to be a strong contender for the Steam Deck. It’s pulling out all the stops, and you’ll be thrilled with an ambitious new handheld coming May 11.

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