Roblox: Ohio Codes (April 2023)

Roblox: Ohio is a unique game perfect for every gamer who wants to live an ordinary life in Ohio, USA. It’s all about guns, gangsters, RPGs and challenges. Roblox: Ohio is developed by DevvGames, which also makes Gun Simulator.

Necessary parts of Ohio are cash and weapons. Getting them is the number one concern for most players. The list below contains all actual and expired Roblox: Ohio codes. Use them as you like and get money to become the richest man in Ohio.

Roblox: Ohio Event Codes

Roblox  Ohio  Codes  (1) IGOTAGUN – Request Code TROLLAAGE for M1911 Pistol – Request Code for Paint TOMAHAWK – Request Code PEPPERSPRAY for Tomahawk Axe – Request Code STOP for Pepper Spray – Request Code BURN for Stop Sign (Melee Weapon) – Request Code for Molo Code for Tove Cocktail NINJA – Request Code ITSASIGN for Shuriken – Request Code for Sign TASER – Request Code for Taser Weapon Roblox: Ohio Expired Codes

10M – Request Code EMOTE for 10,000 Cash – Request Code THXFOR10K for 5,000 Cash – Request Code for 5,000 Cash HOUSE – Claim 5,000 Cash 20M Code – Claim 5,000 Cash JOBS Code – Claim 5,000 Cash SKATE Code – Claim 10,000 Cash STPATRICK Code – Claim 2,000 Cash LUCKY Code – Claim 5,000 Cash 30M Code – Claim 5,000 Cash Code NEWYEAROHIO – Claim Code MERRYCHRISTMAS for 2,000 cash – Code for 2,000 cash OhioChristmas – Code for free Desert Eagle Winter – Code for 2,000 cash OhioMoment – Code for 300 cash How to Claim a Code in Roblox: Ohio

Roblox  Ohio  Codes  (2) pick up code

Open Roblox and launch Ohio In the bottom left corner of the screen, find the phone button and press it. From the Phone menu, select the Code button to open the specific code menu. Once done, start redeeming the actual codes one by one Hit the submit button and the code rewards will be automatically stored in the account. Still, like in most other Roblox games, a code can only be redeemed once on an account. Also, the codes in Roblox: Ohio are time-limited, which means better hurry up to not miss out on the free rewards.

Roblox is available on PC, mobile, and Xbox One.

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