Roblox: Dragon Adventures Codes (April 2023)

In Roblox: Dragon Adventure, players can hatch dragon eggs and raise their own dragons. With a variety of dragon species to choose from, players can design their own base, protect their dragons from enemies, and fly with them. Additionally, players can grow plants and train their dragons into powerful beasts.

For those players who want an extra boost in the game, event codes are available and players can check out this article to use them. These codes provide players with additional items and rewards for their dragon raising journey. Roblox: Dragon Adventures offers players an exciting and adventurous experience to explore and enjoy.

All Roblox: Dragon Adventure Codes

Roblox  Dragon  Adventures  Codes  (1) The codes in the Roblox: The Legend of Heroes emulator are updated frequently, but unfortunately they become invalid very quickly. So, follow this article for updates to always be aware of the current code.

Roblox: Adventures of the Dragon Event Codes

JUSTYBLOX – JustyBlox Preset Potion. AESUBREALM – Subrealm preset potion. FLUFFY – FluffyTSG preset potion. GALIFRAN – Galifran preset potion. SHAMEWING – Shamewing preset potion.Roblox: Dragon Quest Expiration Codes

Gratitude – 3 Color Shuffle Potions. Autumn – amber. Halloween – Pumpkin Seeds. Millions – 3 color shuffle potions. Money – 3 color shuffle potions. MAPLE – Color Shuffle Potion. HEARTS – Hearts of Dragon Restoration. Health – Healing Potions. Delicious – strawberries. Magic – Fairy Jar. Sunshine – Color Shuffle Potion. DRAGONSCALE – Dragon scale bandage. Summer – grapes. SWEET – Honeycomb. STRIPES – Material Shuffle Potion. Summer – Dragon’s Breath Healing Potion. Glowing – Glowing mushrooms. Berries – juniper berries. RAINBOW – Material shuffle potion. Fantasy – Fairy Jar. PEACHY – peaches. REVIVE – The heart of revival. PHOENIX – Color Shuffle Potion. FLUFFY – FluffyTSG preset potion. Space – 50 Meteor Fragments. CELESTIAL – 50 Meteor Fragments. CARROT – 50 Carrot Cakes. SKYRIX – carrot cake. Gem – Gem Healing Potion. LEPRECHAUN – Material shuffle potion. Plants – Pumpkin Seeds. WELLNESS – Dragon’s Breath Healing Potion. HOLO – Holographic manta ray. MIX – Material shuffle potion. Healthy – Crystal Snacks. Delicious – peaches. VIBRANT – Color Random Potion. Bright – 15 types of glowing mushrooms. REVIVE – Max Revive Crystal. Grow – 9 Onion Seeds. Happy New Year – Color Shuffle Potion. FROSTY – Snow resource. Dream – 15 clouds. Farming – 250 coins and 15 peach seeds. Health – Max Revive Crystals. New – Color Shuffle Potion. UI – Material Shuffle Potion. Glow – Fairy Jar resource. Creepy – 30 bats. Horror – 25 Ghost Essence. GHOULISH – 50 Ghoul Wood. SPOOKY – 20 Candy Corn. Harvest – pumpkins. SHUFFLE – Material shuffle potion. SPARKLE – Ice crystals. Healing – 50 Crystal Treats. Special – 1 Color Shuffle Potion. Shiny – 50 Golden Apples. TASTY – 50 pumpkins. SolarSolstice – 5,000 coins. SunnyDay – 1 lava preset potion. SunGod – 1 Golden Bear Plush. Milomissions – 20 Bananas. Master Explorer – 2,500 Coins. NewL0bby – 1 color sequential potion. 20k2020 – 2,500 coins. Rabbits – 50 rabbits. HappyEaster – 1 Easter preset potion. Egghunt – 100 chocolate eggs. b0nd – 1 Color Shuffle Potion. Toxic – 1,000 Coins. Wasp – 10 Toxic waste. Wastel4nd – 1 radioactive gift potion. toxicworld – 1,000 coins. happybdayery – 1,000 coins. Val2020 – 500 coins. DAValentines – Heart preset potion. HappyValentines – 75 hearts.How to redeem codes in Roblox: Dragon Quest

Roblox  Dragon  Adventures  Codes  (2) Like in most Roblox games, redeeming codes in Roblox: Dragon Adventures is a very simple task. For your convenience, just follow the instructions below :

Open Roblox and start Dragon Adventures. Find the menu button on the main screen of the game. Click on this icon. Enter the code provided in the field that says “Enter here” Roblox works on PC, mobile, and Xbox One.

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