Roblox: Crewmates Codes (April 2023)

Roblox: Crewmates is an exciting multiplayer online game based on the popular Among Us game, but in 3D. Players join a spaceship or space station with 4 to 10 players, taking on the role of the crew. However, some players are impostors who are tasked with sabotaging the ship and eliminating the rest of the crew without getting caught. As a crew member, players must complete tasks such as repairing systems and downloading data while observing suspicious activity. When a body is found, players can call a meeting to discuss and vote on who they think is the imposter.

A unique feature of Crewmates is the ability to communicate and interact with other players during gameplay, adding an element of strategy and teamwork. In this post, players can find campaign codes that provide various visual items to enhance their gameplay experience in Roblox: Crewmates.

all crew codes

Roblox  Crewmates  Codes  (1) Crewmates has gained a lot of attention from players with their high-quality 3D remake of Among Us. The developers continue to work hard with updates, bug fixes, and new visual items like skins. To enhance the gaming experience, codes are constantly being added to the game, allowing players to access different skins. Below is a full list of Crewmates codes, updated regularly to provide players with information. It is important to act quickly, as valid codes can expire quickly.

activity code

POPITSUS – Enter this code to claim the skin. KRAOESPYT – Enter this code to claim the skin. SQUIDGAME – Enter this code to claim Squid Game pets and skins. 100K – Enter this code to claim the suitcase pet and fancy suit skin. 999IQ – Enter this code to claim the Sherlock Holmes skin and magnifying glass. PUMPKINHEAD – Enter this code to claim a pumpkin hat. MINICREWMATE – Enter this code to claim a Mini Crew Hat. IMPOSTORPACK – Enter this code to claim the Impostor skin and knife.expiration code

Crewmates has no inactive codes yet. Hurry up to redeem the active codes before they become inactive.

How to redeem codes in Crewmates

Roblox  Crewmates  Codes  (2) The process of redeeming codes in Crewmates is very simple and user-friendly, requiring no special skills, which makes it accessible to all Roblox fans. However, if fans encounter some issues or obstacles along the way, they can check out the list of instructions provided below :

Open Roblox and start Crewmates. Find the gift icon on the main screen of the game. Click on this icon. Enter the code provided in the special field. Roblox is available on PC, mobile, and Xbox One.

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