Roblox: Base Battles Codes (April 2023)

Base Battles is a shooter game in Roblox that offers multiple modes, including deathmatch, team battles, and more. Players can earn coins by playing games, which can be used to buy different weapons, skins and vehicles such as cars, tanks and motorcycles. The game is designed for fast-paced, intense action and competition.

For players looking to improve their experience, here are valid Roblox codes that offer various rewards and bonuses. These codes can be found in the list below. Plus, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to redeem them.

All Roblox: Base Battle Codes

This article is constantly updated and new code released by the developer can be found here.

Roblox: Base Combat Event Codes

Roblox  Base  Battles  Codes  (1) 250K — Make money with this code. Rainster – Support Rainster on Base Battles with this code. geldi – The code below will give 10k tokens. numacher – The code below will give 10k tokens.Roblox: Base Battle Expiration Codes

PREZ This code will give 50k tokens. 300K – This code will give 50k tokens. OVERTHEMOON This code will give 15k tokens. RAINSTERGIVEAWAY This code will give 25k tokens. DESTROYER – This code will give 25k tokens. Carvas454 This code will give 50k tokens. crawler50 This code will give 50k tokens. 250k – This code will give 100k tokens. Summer – The code will give 50k tokens. 150KLIKES – This code will give 25k tokens. 200K – This code will give 35k tokens. BETA – This code will give 1090 tokens. TURKEY Code will give 7k tokens MYSTIC Code will give 14K tokens FIGHTER Code will give 8K tokens 100KLIKES Code will give 15K tokens ARCTIC Code will give 4K tokens DEVKING Code will give 3K tokens 150KLIKES This code will give 25K tokens How to redeem codes in Roblox: Base Wars

Roblox  Base  Battles  Codes  (2) In this case, redeeming the code is a bit more difficult than most other Roblox games, as players need to have Twitter and Discord accounts.

Requires a subscription to both a Twitter account and the Discord developer server to activate most codes. Open Roblox and start Base Battles. Find the Twitter icon on the game’s home screen. click it. Three fields will appear. In the second field, the player needs to insert the nickname from Twitter (for subscribing), and in the third field, the nickname from Discord (for subscribing). The final step is to simply paste or write code in the first field. Roblox is available on PC, mobile, and Xbox One.

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