Resident Evil Remake: How to Get Ashley’s Armor (& What Does It Do?)

In Resident Evil 4 Remastered, Ashley’s armor is an additional outfit for beating the “A-Rank Investigator” challenge. The suit is metal armor similar to a medieval knight’s and protects Ashley from all types of damage – including Leon’s shots.

While Ashley suggested that Leon wear armor in Castle, it’s actually her that wears it in NG+. Armored Ashley is invulnerable and can survive all enemy attacks even when Leon is not around. But not all players will be able to own this precious costume, as it is an exclusive item for the Challenge. To unlock it, RE4 players must complete the game by following the instructions in this guide and meeting certain conditions.

How to Get Ashley’s Armor Outfit in RE4 Remake

image  showing  how  to  get  the  ashley's  armor  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. To obtain Ashley’s armor, players need to set the difficulty to Hardcore and earn an A rank by beating the campaign within 10 hours. This will unlock the armor in the Extra Content Store, which players can then purchase for 2,000 CP.

How to wear Ashley’s armor

image  showing  how  to  wear  ashley's  armor  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. Once unlocked, the armor can be accessed through the main menu and an additional section in the pause menu. To put it on, players need to open the “Extras” tab, select “Ashley’s Outfit”, and then select “Armor”. Note, however, that outfits can only be removed from the main menu.

To wear or remove Ashley’s armor mid-game, save the game on Typewriter, exit the main menu, change it from Extras, then load the latest save.

How Ashley’s armor affects gameplay

image  showing  ashley  wearing  armor  in  action  in  the  resident  evil  4 remake. Ashley’s armor is designed to protect her from all attacks. But it also makes her too heavy for Ganados and Zealots; they can’t kidnap the armored Ashley. The costume also changes some of the interactions between Leon and Ashley, as he can now feel comfortable leaving her.

Of course, in rare cases, such as in the courtyard maze quest, Ashley might die in full armor. But she’s basically immune to any attacks or projectiles, even those from bosses.

Is Ashley’s Armor Worth It?

Considering its benefits, Ashley’s armor is definitely worth the money. Players can use it to grind and grow spinels, aim for challenging achievements like Minimalism, and complete games on Professional difficulty with an S or S+ rating. The armor removes any worries about Ashley’s health, helping players focus only on treasure, quests, and side quests.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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