Resident Evil 4 Remake Hunk is OP in Mercenaries Mode

Some Resident Evil 4 players have reported on social media that the Hunk is too powerful in the new Mercenaries mode. Their announcement comes hours after Capcom released the first free Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC.

The Hunk is one of four characters available at launch in Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries mode. This mysterious masked soldier also happens to be the hardest character to unlock, requiring no less than 3 fairly successful playthroughs with other Mercenary mode characters.

This progression may not be accidental, as indicated by the fact that Hunk seems quite powerful relative to the other three characters. This is based on the testimonies of multiple players, corroborated by screenshots showing Hunk achieving the highest S++ rating in the village and castle stages. In all of these cases, the player managed to score 150 kills with the character for a total of over 1 million points.

HUNK is OP – top 100 on Castle first use him by u/NeverNervous2197 in residentevil4 Hunk in this new mercenary mode lol by u/No-Representative117 most limited gear of all currently playable characters in residentevil4 load. That said, Hunk’s long-range combat options are limited to a submachine gun and three grenades, while Luis and the other Resident Evil 4 mercenaries have access to two ranged weapons. However, Capcom tried to balance this modest gear list by giving Hunk a deadly melee attack that would allow him to kill approaching enemies instantly.

With this in mind, it’s fair to say that the Hunk isn’t overpowered relative to the fact that using it effectively requires a higher skill level; players unaccustomed to approaching large groups of enemies for well-timed melee attacks may actually find him more effective than Other characters in Resident Evil 4 Remake’s mercenary mode are more difficult to play. However, once his devastating Mayhem mode is factored in, Hunk still offers a variety of combat options, seeing how this ability essentially gives his SMG unlimited ammo while forgoing its reload requirement for a limited time window.

Overall, it’s likely to go exactly as Capcom intended. Hunk has nearly the same mercenary gear as in 2005’s original Resident Evil 4, and he’s also one of the more powerful characters thanks to a combination of high health and his neck-snapping melee finisher. The Hunk may still be overshadowed by Ada or Wesker, neither of whom currently appear in the reforged mercenary mode. But given that the latest Resident Evil 4 update also introduced some pay-to-win DLC, it remains to be seen whether future mercenary character additions will actually be unlockable for free, assuming they are indeed part of the game’s roadmap.

Resident Evil 4 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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