Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Unlock All Mercenaries Characters

Capcom’s latest release, Resident Evil 4, has been a huge success for the company. Resident Evil 4 remake not only received high praise from critics and fans, but also became an instant commercial success. While the game has been heavily ported to different platforms over the years, Resident Evil 4 Remake further refines the gameplay and story, taking the opportunity to flesh out supporting characters like Lois in more detail.

To help attract new fans and returning customers, Capcom continues to deliver quality-of-life updates to the experience. Part of that includes the arrival of a mercenary game mode in the free update, which lets players take on waves of enemies with different characters, each with different loadouts and abilities. With limited resources, the player must survive and defeat as many enemies as possible in order to score as many points as possible before the time runs out.

Currently, Resident Evil 4’s mercenary mode has four characters to play as, each with their own style and equipment. While longtime fans may be disappointed by the lack of two classic Resident Evil characters, Capcom may choose to add more as DLC, especially if the recent RE4 leaks are to be believed. For now, here’s information on all four characters and how to unlock each one.

resident-evil-4-remake-leon-kennedy-voice-actor-toxic-fandom How to Unlock Leon Kennedy

Leon is the easiest character to unlock in this game mode, as he is the only default option when first starting Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries.

Leon is equipped with the following weapons :

SG-09 R Pistol Riot Gun Shotgun Stingray Rifle A well-balanced character, Leon will likely provide a solid pick for both novices and veterans, as he plays very similarly to his campaign version. As such, he’s a solid pick considering the style of play that everyone who succeeds in the campaign will get used to. Additionally, Leon is equipped with a knife and a first aid spray to round out his gear.

Leon’s Chaos Mode : While not the flashiest ability, Leon gains increased strength and speed. This should provide players with a way to escape from difficult situations, while also providing some firepower to take down enemies.

Resident  Evil  4 Remake  Luis How to Unlock Luis Serra

The next available character is Luis Serra, though players will need to achieve an A rank in any phase of Leon before fully unlocking Leon.

Luis has the following weapons and equipment :

Red9 Pistol SR M1903 Rifle 2 First Aid Sprays Flash Grenade Knife Unlike Leon, Luis is better at taking down enemies from a distance as he has enough gear to help him, but he becomes more vulnerable when enemies close the gap. Therefore, players will want to keep moving to create space away from enemies.

Luis’ Mayhem Mode: Powerful crowd control, Luis places dynamite that explodes after a short time. Alternatively, players can shoot dynamite to detonate it more quickly, giving them a chance to ambush unsuspecting enemies.

resident-evil-4-remake-jack-krauser-fight  How to Unlock Jack Krauser

Villain and RE4 Boss character Jack Krauser is available in Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries after getting an A rank in any stage with Luis.

Krauser’s loadout is as follows:

EJF-338 Compound Bow TMP Submachine Gun 3 Flash Grenade First Aid Knife Essentially the polar opposite of Luis, the Krauser can be a close quarters nightmare for enemies with SMGs and more powerful melee attacks. However, Krauser’s compound bow also allows him to deal damage at range, especially with explosive arrows.

Jack’s Mayhem Mode : Part of the reason Crowther works so well up close is because his Mayhem Mode ability allows him to temporarily mutate. In this mode, players can use new attack styles, including melee attacks and thrusting attacks, to deal serious close-range damage. Works great when surrounded by enemies.

HUNK  stands  in  a  torch-lit  corridor, leaning  forward  as  he  look  at  something  ahead. How to Unlock the Hunk

The final launch character for Mercenary Mode is the mysterious masked Resident Evil soldier named Hunk, who is unlocked once the player has achieved an A rank in any of Krauser’s stages.

Hunk’s gear is the most limited of the characters, with only one gun at his disposal, making him perhaps the most difficult character to use effectively.

LE 5 Submachine Gun 3 Grenades Knife First Aid Spray However, to compensate for his more limited options, Capcom gave Hunk a devastating melee attack that basically breaks the necks of enemies and kills them instantly.

Hunk’s Mayhem Mode : Activating Hunk’s Mayhem Mode grants him infinite ammo, basically allowing the player to hold the trigger without reloading until the Mayhem Gauge is fully depleted. Naturally, this makes the Hunk ideal for quickly clearing large groups of enemies.

Resident Evil 4 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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